Get Sole: Bloggers "Tea Time"

Attended the bloggers tea time and launch of the awesome shoe line - Get Sole - last March 29 at Chatime Centris. I had an amazing time with my blogger friends over milk teas and fun stories! :) I'll just tell you more about the event through photos and captions.

Brief background about GET SOLE:

Why grab GET SOLE now?
- Simple. It's very comfortable, super affordable, and classic - it can fit all your outfits all year round.

How many colors and what sizes do they offer?
- GET SOLE offers 3 colors: Classic Black, Hip Brown and Gray Tone. Sizes 6-10.

How much a pair?
- Fashionably affordable at 599.

Stores located?
- American Boulevard Outlets; Direct orders: 0915-567-2808


While we were munching on delish fries, chicken chops and milk teas of our choice, the speakers gave us some information about Chatime, then RX93.1 DJ EJ Mariano (hey EJ!! ☺) told us more about Get Sole.

Brand ambassadors Kelly Medina and David Guison gave a few words about the shoe line. Afterwards, my dearest and kapwa-crazy girl Erika Ongtauco of Get Sole concluded the event. Short but really informative!

Photo op with the two best dressed winners Miko Carreon and Catch Gaviola! Congratulations, guys! :)

The Get Sole shoes. I'm also excited for the release of the ladies' shoes! Watch out for that, loveys!

Spent the afternoon with these fun and amazing people...

Photo from GET SOLE

Erika Ongtauco of Get Sole. Thank you for having us, girl! ;)

Kelly Medina. Happy graduation, ambassador! :p Love youuu!

THE David Guison. Hi David! It was so nice to see you! 

Anton Miranda and Bene Perey. Nice meeting you two! :)

(L-R) Kelly, Bene, Anton, me

Best dressed Catch and lovey babe Pax

With Miko Carreon, whom I haven't seen for the longest time! Hiii Miko! Shoot soon? :)

A group of lifestyle bloggers

Our very own, handsome male bloggers (L-R) AntonCatchMikoJonver, Paul

Photo from GET SOLE

(L-R) Paul, me, Kelly, David and Catch

Photo from GET SOLE

Happy bloggers! ;)

Thank you so much to Kelly Medina and Erika Ongtauco for having us! :)
GET SOLE is now available on selected American Boulevard outlets.
Like GET SOLE on Facebook here.


Unknown said...

omg i got mentoned. kinilig naman ako haha.

Wonder Woman said...

OMG parang ang payat na ni Anton!!! Haha. Parang na miss ko lahat ng bloggers in this post. Haven't seen so many of you in ages!!! :(

Arnie Villanueva said...

@EJ, heyyy there! :) Hahaha mas kilig ako kasi nag-comment ka. :"> YIEE Hahaha!

@Angel, small world!! :-O Met him for the first time there sa event, he's really nice! :) I miss you Angel!!! Date soonest! ♥