Follow Your Dreams

Take a leap of faith. You should do something to achieve your ambitions else you'll forever live in "what if's" and despair. Oftentimes, we have a lot of excuses for the delay of pursuing our dreams, and we believe that someday we will be able to gain all these. But really, when is someday? We're lucky that we're given the chance to live today, so might as well begin now and invest time in what you love to do. Sudden realization lang! :p

Won't be ranting long anymore, just wanted to share to you guys what came across my mind this morning! :) So anyway, on to my OOTD! Now you're about to see what I wore to the SoFA Open House event (stay tuned for my post about it). I decided to channel another school girl look, minimalist as always, but I hope you'll like it! :p

If you've been reading the blogs of Patricia Prieto, Danika Navarro and Alyssa Lapid, then you're familiar with this spot! And luckily, I was able to strike a pose here, where they take their outfit shots most of the time. *_*

Photo from Jacky Moraleda. Thank you, love! :)

On me: blue sheer top with leopard collar and pockets from Taylor Landmark silver shorts | wedges from Parisian | candy bag from Super Sale Bazaar | random accessories

A more detailed view of my sheer top!

I love this bag because it's yellow and  it fits everything I need for the day! I can't wait to share to everyone my very own "What's In My Bag" post with this eye candy. Watch out for that! ;)

Follow your dreams and have an amazing day, loveys! ;)


i otivar said...

love the top and the bag!
come check my blog for new posts! :)

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xx, i.

Etaduran said...

Love the top! =)


Tricia said...

cute bag! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@I Otivar, thank you so much! ;) Sure I'll check them out!

@Etaduran, thank you dear! :)

@Tricia, it is! :) Thanks!

Gellie Abogado said...

I want the bag Arnie! :P

Aya said...

Love the bag, Arnie!!! Can't wait to see what's inside. Hihi :)))

Denise said...

ctue outfit sister! :) and love the bag :)

iammarkdizon said...

great look! i like the bag, not for me to wear it, haha! favorite color, yellow!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Gellie, thanks love!! Got it from the Super Sale Bazaar. Awesome deal!! :">

@Aya, thank you love!! Can't wait to share it, too! ♥

@Denise, hi sis! Miss youuu and thank you!! :)

@Mark, haha thank you so much! Love yellow!

Paige Seven Bautista said...

I super love the bag!

Sabrina said...

Oh the bag, it's so the stripes on it!


Rizza Lana said...

Sometimes, we get a little crazy with our dreams. But what the heck, we're young, so let's do this! :D

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Paige, thank you so much dear!! :) Love it also!

@Sabrina, it really is!! ♥ Thank you!

@Rizza, that's totally true! We have all the time in the world but we'll never know when it's all gonna stop, might as well do something about our goals NOW! ;) Thanks babe!