Chill Dressing

Been out these past few days for meetings and events. Thank God for these lovely blessings! :) You're about to see what I wore last Wednesday for a shopping day with my Mom and to the Listerine dinner event at Dusit Thani hotel (which I'll be blogging about next, stay tuned). I opted to wear something chill since the heat in Manila's getting no longer bearable.

On me: tank top and shorts courtesy of Landmark | cover-up from Folded and Hung | candy bag from the Super Sale Bazaar | Filgiarina sequined silver shoes

I recently did an outfit post with this bag, I know. Just can't help but use it again! :p

Here's how my outfit looks like without the cover-up. Which is better? :) 

Necklace courtesy of Belle Demoiselle | Apostrophe bangle | Forever 21 pearl bracelets | Pop Culture ring

An awkward attempt to do a walking shot! My Mom just insisted to include this in my blog post, so there you go! :p

Hope you're having an amazing week so far, loveys! What have you been up to lately? I'd love to know! xx


Unknown said...

y you always so pretty arnie?!! ang bango mo lang tignan! fresh na fresh! hope you're doing great, girl! thanks for always visiting :) see you this june!


GoNcha GoNcha said...

so cute outfit! loved the purse!
have a Cupcake sweet day:)

Shopgirl Jen said...

i love the whole look, arnie!! :) I waaaaaant your bag! :) see you soon please! :)

jinkee said...

hi..saw you yesterday and other bloggers sa forever 21 opening sa the block..nice skirt anyways..:)

Claudine Chua said...

It's cuter with the cardigan on. so pretty and beautiful! love the whole look! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Eden, AHHH Hahaha that's why I love you, babe!! Thanks a lot! I miss you and yes I'll see you this June! So excited! ♥

@Goncha, thank you so much! I love the bag, too! :)

@Mommy Jen, haha 'twas really a steal from the Super Sale Bazaar. Love it sobra! ♥ Yes please, see you soonest!

@Jinkee, really? Awww sayang you should've said hi! :) Anyway hope to bump into you soon! :) Thanks!

@Claudine, yay! Glad to know!! ♥ Thanks love! xx

Felisa ♥ said...

Love this chill look of yours Arnie!! ♥

thestyleflux said...

So pretty lovin your chill and fresh outfit!! :)

Kaye Awatin

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Felisa, hello dear! :) Awww thank you so much!

@Kaye, thanks babe! Miss you sooo! :)

The Mommy Roves said...

ganda ganda :D

Gie said...

babe i loooove the layers!!:)i love it much better with the cardi!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Rovie, hahaha thank you, mas maganda!! :D

@Gie, ehhh thank you so much, BBF! Daanin also sa colors! :) Miss you!

Adrian Guadalupe said...

Nice outfit!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Adrian, thank you so much! :)