Super Sale Bazaar

The Super Sale Bazaar's no longer new to my blog (read my first post about it here), and as usual, I enjoyed and made most of my retail therapy with all the great deals and discounts from various shops! I'll just let my photos and captions tell you what happened during the bazaar! :)

Satchel overload! The Queen Street sold these bags for only Php 400.00 each.

Shoe lust at DAS' corner. I love every design! 

And you know me, I'm engaged with animal prints, so this heelless pair caught my fancy! Wish I wasn't in a strict shopping ban, though!

Spotted Sam YG at the entrance of WTC but I was too shy to approach him! I'll just BBM him anytime, perhaps? :p Boys Night Out sold shirts and other items, by the way.

Discounted perfumes! My Mom bought a bottle of Paris Hilton's and Escada. Surely an impulsive buy.

Sunnies perfect for summer! 

Lovely handmade and Filipino-made bags! Very Postura Project! :)

Ahhhh! My kind of haven! *_*

This swimsuit made me extra excited for summer! Don't you just love the style and colors? :)

Catchy statement shirts for the beki's and beki's at heart! :) Achieve!

Also made sure to pay a visit at Bubbles' stall! :) I drooled over all these handmade accessories. No wonder why we (bloggers and fashion enthusiasts) love the brand!

And of course, Tati (Bubbles owner) was there! It was so nice to finally meet her, and personally thank her for the detachable collars she sent me last month. Can't wait for more blog collaborations with Bubbles! :)

I met Angel of Gifts Ahoy during the bazaar, too! :) If you remember, Gifts Ahoy was one of my birthday giveaway sponsors! So glad that to finally meet the brand's brainchild!

Sophie's Mom is everybody's favorite! Really looking forward to visit their store at Makati one of these days! I also heard that they'll be opening a branch at SM soon! Exciting!

Now, a photo op with my gorgeous co-bloggers! :)

Pax, Ana, me, Aie

Kelly, me, Ana, Pax, Tati (of Bubbles)

My fellow Bloggers United event correspondent, Kelly Medina! Hi love!! :) We finally met! I'm looking forward to our coffee dates soon. 

Lissa Kahayon was also there and she had her closet sale! :) She's really beautiful and kind in person!

Loving Sarah's fierce hairdo! Missed you, Momma Sarah! :)

With Ava! Thanks for handing me my Yabu prizes!! :) Missed you babe!

Heyyy Reg!!! :) It was sooo nice to see you again!

Can't wait to use and wear everything I bought from the Super Sale Bazaar! My wallet is very sad right now but my heart and closet's extremely happy! Anyway, I'm off to focus myself on papers for a product development defense, Ecotourism presentation and more school stuff for tomorrow. Wish me luck, loveys! xx


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

nice seeing you, arnie! enjoy yabu and cute glasses!

Wonder Woman said...

Oh, DAS! When will I finally get my hands on a pair of your shoes? :p Love your Hello Kitty glasses btw. I have the same ones :)

Please join my giveaway if you haven't yet:

Aya said...

Wow the satchels for P400? How much are they originally?

Gellie Abogado said...

buti na lang hindi ako natuloy pumunta kung hindi baka super to the maximum bankrupt na ako. hahaha! xP

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ava, it was really nice to see you there, too!! :) Thanks again, love!

@Angel, SAME THOUGHTS EXACTLY. :| Haha yay really?? I can imagine us wearing it at the same time. Picture tayo!! ♥ Cute!

@Aya, yes! Really loved the deal. I just didn't like the colors left there kaya I didn't buy. But I think originally they sell it for Php650-800? Not so sure! :)

@Gellie, HAHA! I'm sure masa-satisfy ka, but yeah I got so broke afterwards! See you soon!!! :)

Kookie B. said...

I was planning to drop by the bazaar. Too bad I didn't! Erk!

Vanessa Mercado said...

saya naman nito! darn i missed it! i wanna meet fellow bloggers!!!! :( great photos sis! :)

when BABI speaks said...

looks like a fun event! love the shoes!!!


Mara Felix said...

Aaaaah the DAS shoes, swimsuits, and sunglasses got me all giddy! Wish we had a supersale bazaar here in Cebu :)

Kisses! xxx

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Kookie, was hoping to see you, babe!! :( Missed my edgy idol! Naks! Hahaha! :p

@Vanessa, hi babe!! :) Thanks for dropping by! Oo nga eh, maybe you should drop by soon!

@Babi, thanks love!! Really drooled for the shoes!

@Mara, everything's sooo gorgeous! I looove Cebu people!! ♥♥ Kisses!