Caracol Festival 2012

Hey everyone! :) As promised, I'll show you guys what happened during the Caracol Festival 2012 that I covered as an event correspondent for Bloggers United! I'm excited for the release of my first ever official article at the BU website, but while it's still on-process, please do visit and follow them here.

So anyway, last February 26, 2012, Makati celebrated their annual Caracol Festival at their central business district. Everything's colorful and festive - you'll see why as you continue reading.

If you're wondering what Caracol means, it's actually a Spanish word for snail. Makati City believes that the shell of a snail is a figure of protection from life's difficulties, hence they used it as a symbol for their official festival.

The city's own Mardi Gras aims to raise awareness on preserving and protecting the natural resources and engage the locals to take care of Mother Earth. Who wouldn't admire their advocacy?

Guests were given summer hats designed and made with love by the Caracol organizers. I wore this all throughout the festival! Perfect for an outdoor event.

A parade opened the event and it was composed of various business groups, sponsors, city counselors, students and residents of Makati. They were divided into clusters and each had fun gimmicks that caught the attention of the crowd.

Everyone was smiling and that's what I personally like the most! Their energy was also very uplifting, napapasayaw din ako. Chos! :p

Hello nature fairies and Spongebob Squarepants!!! I'm forever a fan of Spongebob and Patrick Star, just so you know. :p

The event's highlight, street dance competition, started after the parade. Different public schools and universities around Makati performed and competed with the goal of imparting appreciation and respect for Mother Earth. 

The categories for judging include the originality and creativity of costumes, choreography and overall performance. Obviously, bongga nilang lahat sa outfit! No questions asked!

Since the theme was about the environment, all the participants had flowers, aquatic creatures, fairies and forest animals as their costumes. Love how they made me feel like I was in Baguio for Panagbenga! *_*

The DLSU Pep Squad had their intermission number as the scores from the competition were being tallied and verified. 

The honorable judges

Prizes for the competition are as follows:

3rd Place - Php 40,000 and a trophy
2nd Place - Php 50,000 and a trophy
1st Place - Php 60,000 and a trophy

Best in Costume - Php 20,000
Best in Choreography - Php 20,000

And finally, here are the winners for the Caracol Festival Street Dance Competition 2012:

3rd Place: Group 2 (Pembo Elementary School)
2nd Place: Group 1 (Rizal Elementary School)
1st Place: Group 3 (East Rembo Elementary School)

High School
3rd Place: Group 6 (Benigno Aquino High School)
2nd Place: Group 4 (Makati High School)
1st Place: Group 5 (Fort Bonifacio High School)

3rd Place: Group 9 (UMAK - CEPDA)
2nd Place: Group 8 (UMAK - Center for Human Kinesthetics)
1st Place: Group 7 (Dance No Doubt)

Best In Costume: Group 3 (East Rembo Elementary School)
Best In Choreography: Group 4 (Makati High School)

Overall Champion: Group 7 (Dance No Doubt)

Congratulations to all the winners and to Makati's local government for another successful event in the city! I am truly inspired to be more sensitive and careful for the environment because of your wonderful advocacy. 

Visit Ayala Land's Facebook page "Make It Happen, Make It Makati" for more information and updates here.

Please also stay tuned for my first article at Bloggers United website!! Thanks to the BU team, btw! I'm embracing positivity! :) Have an awesome March, loveys! xx


Wonder Woman said...

Ooo! So colorful and festive! Would love to experience something like this someday :)

krissy ♥ said...

Looks fun! :)

Jenine said...

I was in baguio that time! Too bad I missed this. Next year though :D

Hazel said...

Didn't know of this Caracol Festival until now :) Thanks for sharing!! Love the photos!

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Gellie Abogado said...

Very colorful festival! Saw this on the news the other day (I think) :P

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Angel, I'll go with you!!! :) I'd love to see more festivals in our country. Naks! ;) Bonding na rin!

@Krissy, hi love! :) Yes it was!! ♥

@Jen, yes! I wonder what's in store for Caracol next year! :)

@Hazel, you're very welcome, dear!! ♥ Thanks also!

@Gellie, true!! Ay really? TV5, GMA and Studio 23 were there din! :)

Unknown said...

this looks so fun, babe! parang sinulog lang but on a different scale. and to have been an event correspondent--lucky you ha!

i miss you too babycakes!


The Mommy Roves said...

yeee great photos!! <3 i wish i could witness such :)
Rovie, The Bargain Doll
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Arnie Villanueva said...

@Eden, hi babe!! Yes it was. Super fun, parang major province kung makapag-feast! I love it! But I know I still have to witness Sinulog for real. Couldn't afford to miss it one more time! :) Hugsss babycakes!

@Rovie, awww really?? Thanks love!! :) Let's witness one soon!

Arra said...

I remember participating in this event when I was in grade 4.haha. grabe nasunog balat ko dun kakapractice. I never knew na it's an annual festival pala in Makati. Thanks for sharing this. I missed Makati!