The Magic Stays With You

My college friends and I had an escape from all the stress in school last Saturday (Feb. 18). I cannot remember why we decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom but swear it was so much fun! :) Please allow me to give you a quick virtual tour inside the theme park! :)

Grand Carousel

Flying Fiesta

Rialto Theater

Space Shuttle (still didn't try this ride, I'm sooo scared!!!)

Grand Central Station

Rio Grande Rapids (my favorite ride!!!!)

Midway Boardwalk

Photo grabbed from Trisha Sabala (thank youuu, Soul Sis!) 

Jungle Log Jam

Roller Skater

Anchors Away

Swan Lake

4D Discovery Theater

Wheel of Fate

Also took photos of some cute and vintage establishments inside EK! 

Greenwich Antiques

Shakes Station

Amazon Grill

Harry Houdini's Magic Shop

St. James Bank

Eldar's Specialty Shoppe

Guest Relations area

The magic still lives on at Enchanted Kingdom. We went home with wide smiles, full tummies and lifetime memories!

For more information and inquiries, visit Enchanted Kingdom's website here.


Shopgirl Jen said...

Love the pix, Arnie :))) I want to go back to EK :) IMY!! :)))

Ansherina said...

The moment I read your first paragraph I told my roommates na "tara, EK tayo!" :)) and my fave is flying fiesta and log jam! definitely worth it hahaha! and rio grande, one ko pa lang nasakyan due to longggg lines pero yung time na yun, di man lang ako nabasa :( shoes ko lang nabasa boo :( next time!

Almira :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Mommy Jen, I can imagine fashion/beauty bloggers go loka with an EK event someday! Lol. I miss you more!!! ♥

@Almira, hahaha really?? Cuuute!! :) We have the same favorites, buuut Rio Grande is the best!! ♥ Super haba nga nung line, box office! Haha gooo with your friends soonest!