Bench x Lucy Hale Event

I was privileged enough to witness the Lucy Hale loves Bench fashion show and press conference last Saturday (February 11) at the SMX Convention Center with some of my lovely co-bloggers. I got really excited for this event because I like Lucy Hale, from her roles at Scream 4, Privileged and most especially, at Pretty Little Liars. She's just so adorable and sweet, it made me love her more after the seeing her in person. *_* I'll show you guys photos from the fashion show first.

One of my favorites from the runway! Sexy and sweet get-up for summer!

Girls, drool now. Chos lang!!! :p

Gorgeous from head to toe! Love the styling!

Fell for this skirt! Please please please let me have it! *_*

This sequined skirt is just so pretty!

Lucy Hale came out for the first time and walked the runway. She got surprised by the warm welcome of her Filipino fans.

Tim Yap as the host for the day!

Lucy came out again and received flowers from Mr. Ben Chan.

I admire Lucy's humility. She said that this show in the Philippines is, by far, the most amazing experience she had.

She answered questions from the press and some of her lucky fans had photo opportunities with her.

And while the crowd was going crazy for Lucy Hale...

My co-bloggers and I had our own photo session! :p

Photo above from Ava Te (Thanks for this photo, babe!!)

Photo from Aisa Ipac (Thanks for this photo, babe!!). Bloggers wearing BUBBLES accessories! Hi, Tati!! :)

Photo from Ava, with Reg Rodriguez. It was so nice to see you there, babe!! Hope to bond more with you soon!

Pax and Reg with the sweet and handsome PR guy, Paul! Got instaxed by him and I'm sooo excited to see the outcome! So kilig! *_*

Photos from Ava and Pax (billion hugs and thank you, girls!!!)

Bloggers with Mr. Ben Chan! He's so humble and kind, no wonder he's really successful. We truly love the brand! *_* Thank you and congratulations to the Bench team!


JC Mercado said...

soooo lucky of you to see aria up close! nice style, btw. :)


Vina Yabut said...

I love Lucy Hale! :) Hope to see you around soon! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@JC, yes she's such a sweet girl! :) Thanks!!

@Vina, same here!! *_* Hope to see you around too!

Wonder Woman said...

Haha is it sad that I only know her as Robin's sister in How I Met Your Mother? :p Glad you had a great time, though. My brother was pestering me for passes to this event. :p

Unknown said...

Spell Inggit!
Lucy Hale is soooo adorable!


letsbless said...

hou look great:) and you have beautiful hair!
love your blog <3
I am your follower... will you follow back?:)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Angel, hahaha even men went crazy over Lucy Hale when she came out from the backstage! Surprised they're also Lucy's "fans". :p Hahaha ♥

@Joana, oh yes she is!! :) She'll go back here in the Philippines daw soon!

@Miriam, thanks a lot! :"> Will check your blog soon!

thestyleflux said...

Looks like a great event, glad you had a wonderful time!


Kelly said...

it looks like it was a fun event! I love your outfit, Orange and green, what a nice match!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Kaye, every event's special whenever we're with our blogger friends! You know that, dear! ♥ See you soon? :)

@Kelly, thanks a lot for dropping by! :) It was really fun!

PaulThePRGuy said...

nice shots din naman of lucy hale ah!:) uy… excited for my instax post of her.:)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Paul, hahaha wala sa half ng bongga ng shots mo!! :) Yes I am!!! ♥.♥ Thank you again and see you soon ha! :)

iammarkdizon said...

Nice =) great shots! great blog! =)

iammarkdizon said...

Hi Arnie! Love the shots! Great Blog! am new to blogging, hop you can visit my site, thank you and God Bless!

IRIS GARC√ćA said...