Simple Delights

Today was indeed a mall-hopping day for me and my Mom. Went through some errands, meet-ups and shopping with her! This is why I love weekends! And by the way, expect to see my outfit photos today taken in different places. Hope you don't mind! ☺

We were supposed to take my outfit shots at TriNoma's garden just like in my few previous blog posts. But it suddenly rained, so we transferred to a covered area. Talk about the non-stop bipolar weather!

On me: Landmark red cover-up | skin-tone tube from Forever 21 | blue bandage skirt from The Ramp

I think I'm getting so addicted with bandage skirts in different colors! I love how it can easily show up my classy and girly style.

This was taken at Greenbelt. I wasn't in the mood to take more shots here but my Mom's too cute to resist! 

Wired bib from Anagon Collection. Another purchase from the ever trusted Multiply Marketplace! Some of the people I've met today praised this wired bib and I was so proud to plug that it was from Anagon! *_*

Accessories: random rings | Pop Culture turquoise bangle

Gold peep-toes from Filgiarina | bag from Accessorize

Aside from shopping, what made my Saturday more special is that I was able to finally meet the three girls who won my previous Love for Accessories and Bags giveaway. They were all so sweet and nice!

The cute girl with me in this photo is Almira de Villa, the third prize winner of the giveaway.

Next who came was the second winner of the giveaway, Elaine Chua. I heard she has a blog in Wordpress, so visit this link if you have time! 

Last but definitely not the least is the first prize winner of the giveaway, Paige Bautista! I really feel that she deserves to win because she's been so sweet and supportive in my humble blog. 

Congratulations girls!!!! Hope you'll enjoy and use your prizes. ♥

Got totally delighted when I received the special gift of Accessorize Philippines to me! Claimed it at 7 for All Mankind (one of my Dad's favorite stores), and the people there were so friendly and accommodating! ☺

Happy kid over here!!! Can't wait to use this gorgeous floral sling bag and discount coupons! Been hearing a lot about Miss Sixty so I'm really going to check there out soon!

Thank you so much, Bloggers UnitedAccessorize Philippines, and especially Ms. Ayet Bernardo-Quimpo (Marketing Manager) for your continuous generosity to every fashionista! I'll forever love Accessorize! ♥

So how's your weekend, loveys?? Great January sales in our favorite boutiques and I hope you won't miss them! xx


Jessa Ang said...

I love your bodycon skirt <3 I miss you, Arnie!!! :)

Hazel said...

i love the wired bib necklace!! congrats to your blog giveaway winners :)

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

Elaine Chua looks familiar to me? dunno why haha!:)) Anyhoo, love your mall hopping outfit ah! so sexy!

Cute gifts from accessorize!! I have yet to claim mine haha!

belle said...

Arnie!!! too bad I missed you in Greenbelt today. also picked my gift. Sayang..and btw, I got the same bag. super cute noh?

Janine M. said...

Ang hot mo lang 'neng! :D

thestyleflux said...

Love your outfit! pretty colors!


Denise said...

aww such a long day but I am sure it was a fun-filled one sister! I miss you already! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Jessa, hi babe!!! OMG Thanks for dropping by! I miss you more!!! :)

@Hazel, thank you, dear! Anything from Anagon's awesome! ♥

@Ava, really?? HAHA! I think she owns an online shop also? Or you might have seen her in some events? HAHA! Thank you love!! *_* The Accessorize sling bag's too cuuute!!

@Belle, oo!!! I saw na you claimed your Accessorize gift sa list nila, I asked them what time you arrived, around 2PM daw. Boo sayang!! MISS YOU!

@Janine, HAHAHAHA OMGGG No!! But thank you!! :">

@Kaye, thanks babe! Miss you!

@Denise, it sure was!! ♥ Miss you more, sisterrr!!

Jenine said...

Super pretty lang :)

Ansherina said...

Ms. Arnie!! Haha thank you thank you po talaga! :D I blogged about it here:

More power to you!^^

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Jenine, sweet!!! :) Thank you, pretty!!! ♥

Ellen Atlanta said...

Love the colour of your skirt!
I'm following! <3

Ellen xx

Gie said...

i see what you got there!!I LIKE!SO SWEET YOUR PARENTS!wanna meet them!!:)) hahahha!!:))

Aisa.Paxie said...

bet ko the sequined pumps!:) and i also have a weire necklace from anagon, super love ko sha:) Cute gifts from Accessorize too!

Travel Ria said...

I am a fan of bandage dresses! But i do not know if i have the body to pull it off

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Almira, awww thank you for blogging about our meet-up!! Hope to see you again soon! :">

@Ellen, yay thanks babe!! ♥

@Gie, hahahaha what can you see, BBF?? Oo grabe they're really sweet! I'm sure bet ka rin nila ampunin! HAHA! Love you!

@Pax, alamoyan girl!! :) Love ko rin talaga anything from Anagon. Thank you sis! Miss you to bits!

@Travel Ria, oh I'm sure you'll rock with bandage dresses! Confidence is the key! ♥ Thanks for dropping by!

Aie Corpuz said...

Love the necklace and I like what you got from Accessorize. I went there on Sunday and I saw all your IDs haha! =p

fashioneggpplant said...

love your color combi! must pick up my gift na din, gb5 is just so far and traffic from me! :P

join my giveaways:
WIN, new loafers, Pur Minerals essentials kit, 3k gc from Fia Manilla!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Aie, hahahaha OMG and now I regret na nauna akong mag-claim sayo. :( Hahahaha miss you and thank you love!

@Sarah, you really should! I bet you'll love it, we're Accessorize babies! ♥♥ Miss you Momma Sarah!

Momma's Runway said...

Love the bib necklace! Beautiful:)

Rizza Lana said...

You're so purrrdy babe :)

Love the necklace, galing lang rin talaga ni Ana ;)

Wonder Woman said...

You look so pretty, as always, Arnie. ANAGON REPRESENT! Haha. And oooo I'm so excited for the Accessorize swag now. LILLIPUT DISCOUNTS??? YAY!!! I was at Alabang Town Center the day before I left for Bangkok and was drooling over their kids' clothes for Syrena. Hehe. Excited! Miss you!

Wonder Woman said...

Oh, and Ava, Elaina Chua looks familiar coz she was my giveaway winner, too, and she came to Swensen's! Haha. :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Momma's Runway, awww thank you so much! Anagon accessories are lovely!

@Rizza, hi babe! Thank you so much for the lovely words! ♥

@Angel, HEY!!! OMG I MISS YOU!!! I know you're having so much fun there in Bangkok. When are you coming back?? Let's see each other soon, okay? :) I'll give you na lang my Lilliput discount card. :">

Shopgirl Jen said...

love your outfitey! And the mustache ring! :)