Leopard Gypsy

Hey everyone!! I know I've been MIA in blogging for a week, but please understand that I'm trying my best to be extra diligent in school. Midterm examinations will be up in a few days,  so wish me luck! *_* Anyway, before facing all my notes and reviewers, I decided to have a break and pamper myself with food and shopping. Thank God for the mall-wide sale, I was able to satisfy my retail therapy!

Mom said I looked like a wanderer in leopard, hence the title. And yes, you're right! I'm on flaaats!!! Don't judge my real height, lovey! :p

On me: cropped top from Thailand | Cuts and Totes leopard print palazzo (gift from Gia Ortega)

I feel so comfortable with this ensemble! It's like I'm on my pajamas the whole day and I love it!

Accessories: Simone's Closet green tassel necklace | Belle de Moisellee heart locket necklace

Accessories: Pop Culture bangle | random rings | Forever 21 pearl bracelets

Juicy Couture bag | Primadonna cream flats

Will be attending a family affair in a few hours, and after that, I'll be saying hello to my exam preparations. ☺ By the way, thank you to everyone who joined my birthday and holiday giveaways! I felt your support in my humble blog and I cannot thank you guys enough. Will a virtual hug be fine with you?? >:D<

♦ Rae Abigael Caacbay
♦ Charmaine Manlangit

♦ Felisa May Tan
♦ Jane Sevilla

I'll email you girls asap! Congratulations!! ♥

Kisses, loveys! xx


Janine M. said...

Hi hot stuff! I miss you! :D
Tangkad pa rin naman without flats! :P

Felisa ♥ said...

Thank you so much Arnie! :) :> Btw, you still look good with flats! :)

fashioneggpplant said...

you look super pretty in this post :)

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AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

loving the skirt and shoes!:) Yey primadonna girls! You look stunning with your gypsy look :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Janine, hi babe! :) Miss you too! Awww really?? Hahaha thank you, and thank God I look tall pa rin. :p

@Felisa, awww thanks! Congratulations again! ♥

@Sarah, yay! Hi Momma! Thank you so much! Miss you!

@Ava, really love Primadonna shoes! :) Thank you dearest Ava! I miss you so bad!

Sofia Gatchalian said...

Great post!

I just found your blog and maybe you can check out mine, and we can follow each other. :)
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Gie said...

pretty mo girl!AS ALWAYS!pag may umngal!i'll kill.rawr!:)))

thestyleflux said...

Love your comfortable outfit! :) That pants look great!


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Sofia, thanks dear! I'll drop by yours in a while. :)

@Gie, HAHAHA THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU, BBF! ♥♥ Rawr! Thanks babe!

@Kaye, thank you love! See you soon!

Zirjaye S. said...

I saw you in TriNoma wearing this with your BF. He's cute lol. Cheers!

Katherine Pascual said...

ur so pretty. whenever they say they like girls with long brown hair, i remember u ms. arnie. :) congrats to ur winners, they will have the chance to see u

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Zirjaye, really?? Oh gosh should've seen you too so I can say hi! Haha I'll tell him that! :) Cheers!

@Katherine, awwwww!!! Your comment made my day! I'm really flattered. Thank you! :) Thinking to re-color my hair again but maybe I'll do it on summer. Thanks dear!!! ♥♥ Sweet!

Zirjaye S. said...

haha I often go there almost every Sat. LOL. That's why if it's in TriNoma coz I really saw you in this outfit. Well I was not yet sure bout yer name that moment but I recognized you. Now it's you "Arnie" hehe .. well I'll say hi soon! Hope you remember me.


Hazel said...

love the outfit and accessories <3

Aie Corpuz said...

Inlove with your palazzo! =)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Zirjaye, haha now we both know! :) See you around Jaye!

@Hazel, awww thank you!! ♥♥

@Aie, hi babe! Glad you liked it, gorgeous! xx

Jed - I Am Dollparts said...

pretty! love the leopard palazzo! cool blog.. following you now. =)

I Am Dollparts