Emo Jewelry S. Steel + Style Event

Weeks ago, I received an invitation from Mr. Sidney Ang for Emo Jewelry's S. Steel + Style event, and I really felt so excited because I know that the brand has a lot of eye-catching jewelries and I was also looking forward to see my blogger friends again. The event was held at Cafe 1771 and I tagged along my best friend, Gia Ortega, with me (but too bad I failed to take a photo of her outfit!!!! iSad ). 

Now on to the event and I'll show you guys first some of my favorite pieces from Emo Jewelry! Drool with me, everyone? :)

Check these out too from Emo's site:

Headed to the food area after seeing their collection.

Too bad I'm allergic to seafood. :( But Gia said these shrimps tasted so good!

Slices of cakes for the sweet tooth!

Here's Mr. Sidney Ang giving us a brief background about EMO and more about their products. According to him, their jewelries are made up of stainless steel, not the same kind as those in spoons or forks, but like those used in surgical blades and other medical equipment. So hearing these, we're rest assured that their pieces are hypoallergenic. And since these are stainless steel products, the accessories can be as good as gold, silver or platinum, but will not be hazy or faded even if we wear them for several times. Talk about good quality! :)

EMO's website:

The brand is also happy to announce that they now have a website wherein the customers can browse and purchase with an integrated shopping cart and payment system. Bet EMO knows how much people these days love to shop in the comfort of their own homes!

Of course, my blogger friends and I won't miss a photo session after the gathering! :)

With blogger friends Ava TeKeigh Jalbuena and Angel Rodriguez. Missed your trio! :)

First time to meet Jenny Manongdo. Hi girl! :)

Tumblr girl Tina Decena. 'Twas so nice to meet you, girl!! :) See you more soon!

IMPORTANT TO READ: EMO Jewelry and Raid My Closet has something AWESOME for you guys!! :) You can have 10% discount whenever you purchase something from their website!
Just type in the discount code box: ARN123


Easy weezy, right?! :)
Proceed to EMO Jewelry's website, register and browse now here.

Thank you to Mr. Sidney Ang and the EMO team for inviting us in this gathering! :)
Visit their branches at the following malls:
SM Fairview
SM Megamall
SM Pasig Hypermart
SM Mall of Asia
Festival Mall
Cash & Carry

Like EMO Jewelry on Facebook here.


Ansherina said...

I drooled too! And astig yung discount collab haha! Love the pieces :)

Almira :)

Lyka Martinez said...

wow! hope i can score some EMO accessories soon. until when will ur discount code be available, ms. arnie? i'd love to purchase :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Almira, hi dear! :) Haha thank you so much! EMO Jewelry's so nice to offer this collab! Hope you'll buy from them, too!

@Lyka, hi! Thank you so much for your interest in purchasing from EMO. :) I'm not sure when exactly this discount code ends, but I bet it'll last long. :) Go buy!! ♥