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Cheers to my very first blog post this 2012! Happy New Year, everyone! ☺ I really cannot wait to know what's in store for me and my loved ones this year. I believe it's gonna be amazing! *law of attraction, gooo!!* So anyway, awhile ago, my Mom and I had our very first shopping spree this 2012. We were so happy with everything we purchased, so we rewarded ourselves with milk teas and a lovely dinner at BonChon. *_* Here's what I wore to my Monday shopping!

I finally had the chance to wear this lovely printed polo from Cebu bloggers during the BU2! Wanted to style it as a blazer so I decided to hide the collars and buttons.

And again, my beautiful Mom took these shots so thank you, thank you, Mommy dear!!!

On me: printed polo worn as blazer from Cebu bloggers during BU2 | white romper from Details

Closer view! I swear those prints look better in person! 
Accessories: chunky bold necklace from Phoebe Punla | long necklace with charms and feathers from Canada

Juicy Couture bag

Accessories: (left to right facing your screens) Pop Culture bracelet | Butingtings anchor connector ring | Pop Culture skulls connector ring | red bangle from my cousin Tricia

Been having meals at BonChon almost twice/thrice a week! Irresistible chicken!!! *_*

That's it for my first entry this year! Let's keep all positive vibes and make the most out of 2012! Also, don't forget to join my on-going giveaways:

P.S. To you who's currently reading this, I really really want to meet you and get to know you more soon! Have a wonderful year, love! xx


Gie said...

i want to meet u too!!:) haha..ako ba un nasa ps??i like the print nun top!likelikelike!:) adik ka sa bonchon!have u tried manangs?not as good as bonchon pero pwede na!

Denise said...

i love the polo/blazer arnie! Hope to see you again! :) yummy chicken btw! haha! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Gie, hahaha osige na nga ikaw na babe! Love kita eh! :"> Hihi thank you! Haven't tried Manang's yet pero sabi ng ating blogger sisters, havey daw! Let's try it soon!

@Denise, yay thanks sis! Great finds from our blogger sisters in Cebu! Hope to see you too!!!

Shopgirl Jen said...

Trinoma! Hahaha!! :D Love the Anchor ring! And PLEASE meet up naman! Si Gie daw magoorganize e hehe :D

Wonder Woman said...

Love the polo. So nice! :) Happy new year, Arnie. Hope God showers you with many more blessings this year! You deserve it! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Jen, yes!!! Alam mo yan! Hahaha thanks Mommy Jen! Butingtings really offer good accessories. Go ako sa meetup!!! :) Tweet na lang!

@Angel, yay thank you! Glad you liked it! Happy New Year, too, Angel. Looking forward to meet you more this 2012! ♥

Anne Garais said...

lovely outfit arnie.. i love the printed polo used as blazer.. anyway, i have the same anchor ring like yours. :)) nice stuff!

happy new year!!

Paige Seven Bautista said...

I love the polo-turned-blazer! You really know how to style things up :D

Eunica said...

i love the prints! very lovely! i hope you'll enjoy a rockin' 2012! Godbless you and your family =) stay pretty ;)

Jenine said...

I love the blazer! :) Happy New year Arnie! =)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Anne, yay really?? It's so cute!! I think I'm about to overuse this ring! Thanks girl and Happy New Year!

@Paige, awww thanks sweet!! :"> If I'll wear it as a polo kasi it'd be quite large sa akin. So, there you go. ♥

@Eunica, thanks girl! Hope you'll have a fabulous 2012!

@Jenine, thank you dear!! Happy New Year! ♥

thestyleflux said...

Love the print of that polo! :) great choice that you paired it with the white dress!


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Kaye, thanks girl! :) See you more this 2012! ♥

Unknown said...

OHMYGAAAAAAAAD i wanna go to Bonchon! jesus everyone's blogging about it. too bad we don't have it here in cebu :((

on a sidenote, you look fantastic as always, love! hmmm i think that top belonged to Gillian of Cebu bloggers hehehe.:)

xx eden

Jeemah Villaverde said...

love the polo babe! <3 hope to see you nah! come to cebu ;D

Jem :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Eden, OMGGG Now I know where to take you pag you're here in Manila!!! We shall have a date at Bonchon with the rest of our blogger sisters!!! :) Oh really?? I love Gillian's style, too! Love love love Cebu bloggers!

@Jeemah, yay thank you babe! Me too, super hoping to see you soon!! *_*

kathleen said...

i simply love that printed shirt. it's stunning!

alarillasisters said...

love the polo. i thought it was a blazer!

visit our site:

maybe we can keep in touch via GFC

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Kathleen, awww that's so flattering! Thanks babe!

@Alarillasisters, hihi thank you so much for dropping by! Yes sure let's keep in touch! ♥

Jamie Kate said...

I love your top and style, Arnie! :)

Jamie Kate
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Jamie Kate said...

I love your polo and I love your style, Arnie! :)
Wish you all the best this 2012! :)

Jamie Kate
CHEKWA x CHICKFLICK: First Giveaway!

Mix S said...

Super pretty!!! <3

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Jamie Kate, awww glad you liked it!!! :) Thank you! I'll check out your giveaway. ♥

@Mix Supetran, yay!!! Thank you babe!!! ♥