The Sheer Skirt

I know that my shopping experience post from the Bloggers United 2 has been long over due, but pretty please allow me to blog about my OOTD before all else! :p I fell for this sheer maxi skirt from Ana Gonzales the first time I saw it during the Luxe Christmas Bazaar (which I blogged about here), so I bought it right away! Huge thank you, Ana love!! And of course, I believe that the BU2 was the best place to wear this outfit!

Would you believe that I commuted with this ensemble? MRT to be exact! ☺ You know how we roll - fashion over comfort!

Trial shot from the other side of BGC! It was so windy that day that I even had a hard time balancing myself!! 

On me: animal print button-down from The Ramp | sheer maxi skirt from Ana Gonzales | Steve Madden nude pumps

Wish I had a better photo of my accessories! They're too cute for my life! *_*

Salvatore Ferragamo bag | animal print bangles from Pop Culture | brown studded cuff from Impulse Co | blue tassel necklace from Trendphile Manila

I swear I can feel that this skirt's going to be overused! I hope you guys would love this as much as I do! ♥ Oh and, a little by the way, people have been suggesting me to put up my own closet sale here on my blog, and I honestly got excited with their idea!! So I thought, why not try it? I might sell my pre-loved items (clothes, shoes, accessories) for as low as Php 50.00! Game?? Please let me know what you think, loveys! xx



Salvee said...

cute ensemble!!!:)

A N A G O N said...

Wow! :D Yey the skirt looks better on you Arnie! :) At least I know it's in good hands hihi :)) Looking great!

Shikina said...

i like the last photo...pwede na pang-fashion spread sa magazine!! :D

Aya said...

really nice outfit Arnie! The skirt is really something <3

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...


Marie Castro said...

I love it!! Selling your preloved at 50php up! :>

Roxanne said...

you look so chic.. the skirt really looks good on you. I think selling your clothes sounds really fun :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Salvee, yay thanks dear!

@Ana, I will surely take care of your skirt! ☺ Awww thanks friend!!

@Shikina, hi girl! Wow, I'm so touched! Thank you so much!!

@Aya, awwww really?? Thanks girl! See you soon please!

@TheStreetFashion5xpro, yay!! Sweet! Thanks!

@Marie, you do??? I might really pursue that!!! ♥♥

@Roxanne, thank you so much!! :"> I think so, too! Looking forward to it!!

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

The skirt is beautiful indeed and you can pair it with almost any colored skirt cos its sheer!:)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ava, I agree!! ♥ Buti na lang Ana had the guts to let go of this! :p

Anne Garais said...

i love your skirt!!! as in super... the outfit is sooooo cool!!! lahat maganda e,,pati ung ngsusuot.hehe. :)


thestyleflux said...

love that sheer skirt, so lovely!


Sofia said...

Now that skirt's a great catch, Arnie! ♦ Seemingly, you have incredible taste. I bet you'll like this Lula Magazine I'm giving away.

SarahA said...


following you :)

follow me please !


Denise said...

This outfit is perfect!
I love the sheer maxi, leopard, and pop of blue necklace!
You look gorgeous :D

xx à la mode

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Anne, awww you're super sweet!! Thank you so much, dear! It was nice to meet you during the BU2!

@Kaye, glad to know you liked it!! ☺ See you around, girl!

@Viva La Manika, yay thanks for that wonderful compliment! ♥ Will check out your giveaway!

@Sarah A, thanks girl! ☺ I'll check your blog after this!

@Denise, really?? :"> That's so flattering! Thanks lovey!! ♥

Vina Yabut said...

I love the skirt! :) Hope to meet more bloggers soon! and great blog, too!

Melai said...

cute outfit! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Vina, awww thanks dear! ☺ See you soon!

@Melai, yay thank you dear!!! ♥♥ Miss you!

fashioneggpplant said...

i know this skirt! looks fantastic on you! :)

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Wonder Woman said...

I love that skirt, Arnie. Akin nalang if you ever get sick of it. :p

Rhea said...

Super nice outfit! Super yaaay! :3 <333

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Sarah, glad you liked it Sarah dear!! Miss you!

@Angel, it will be yours for sure!!! My pleasure. Miss you girl!! ♥♥

@Rhea, awww yay!! Thank you sweetie!! ♥

Rachel Canales said...

Name:Rachel Canales


Amore said...

Loved it :) u look great as ever :) and u selling ur Pre-loved items would be wonderful :) yey :)