Never Giving Up

...on animal prints, obviously. :D Yesterday, by far, was one of the longest days I've had in my life. Went to the mall for random commitments, meet-up and shopping in the afternoon, then headed to Tides for a night out with my high school friends. This is what I love about vacations!! ☺ Anyway, here's what I wore to my hectic but awesome Wednesday!

My Mom took my outfit photos and I'm so happy that she's improving! Hihi thank you, Mommy dear!

On me: animal print top from The Ramp | pink bandage skirt from The Ramp | Steve Madden nude pumps | bag from Aldo | Aldo gold watch | Pop Culture bangle

Forgive my awkward "to-smile-or-not-to-smile" face here! :p

Got so in loved with this tassel necklace from Simone's Closet! Thank you to my blogger sister, Denise, for sending this! Miss you so much!

Mom and I were about to enter the mall again after taking some outfit shots but then she spotted this area and insisted me to strike another pose here. Lol she's really that supportive... and cute!

I gave my Mom a treat at Tacobell since she's been craving for quesadillas and churros. We also had a quick bite of pastries from Chewy Junior while waiting for my Fab Manila giveaway winner. 

Ordered yummy cookies and cream chewy puffs for my giveaway winner, Marie Castro. So aside from her Fab Manila prizes, she also got a mini sweet treat! *_*

I recognized Marie Castro right away because I've met her during the Bloggers United 2. Love that her tweets to me were so nice and sweet! She's a student from DLSU, by the way. Marie, if you're reading this, it was so nice to see you again! Congratulations and enjoy your prizes! Happy holidays!! ☺

I was supposed to meet up with the other winner of my Fab Manila giveaway but she's in Cavite right now, so I decided to just have her prizes shipped. Sayang, I want to meet more blog readers pa man din. Soon, soon!!! *_*

Hope everyone's making the most out of the remaining days for 2011! What have you been up to this holiday season? Let me know, loveys! xx

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alarillasisters said...

love your pink skirt:)

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

I often see you in animal prints and i love them on you!:) cute skirt!

Eugenia said...

love the outfit!!

Danielle V. said...

Really loving that print paired with that bright skirt! So cute! :)


Gellie Abogado said...

love the skirt arnie! and congrats to the winner :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Alarilla, thank you so much!

@Ava, oh gosh hahaha thank you! That's so sweet!

@Eugenia, thanks sweetie!!! :">

@Danielle, glad you liked it! Thanks girl!

@Gellie, yayyy!!! Thank you so much, Gel! Congratulations to her!!

Denise said...

i love the necklace on you babe! :)

Aizel Macaldo said...

love the animal print shirt. =)

Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Why are you so pretty, Ate Arnie?
I love your outfit + hair!
And yes, the animal prints suit you! :D

Congrats to the winner!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Denise, thanks sis!!! :) Miss you so much! We should welcome 2012 with a shoot for Simone's Closet! :p

@Aizel, yay! Thanks dear! ♥

@Hershey, hahaha awwww you're sweet as always! Thanks love. See you soon!!! ♥

Wonder Woman said...

You always look great, Arnie, but bagay talaga sayo ang animal prints. Love this look on you! :)

Unknown said...

looking pretty, arnie! followed you back on GFC, btw:) looking forward to reading more of your posts:)


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Angel, awww thank you so much!!! LOVE YOU! ♥

@Eden, thank you, dear!! I'm super looking forward to meet you soon!

Carla said...

cute skirt and top, so pretty!

Junah Cagang said...

gorgeous ! :) lovely photos !
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :) HAPPY NEW YEAR !

check out my blog and follow if you like:


i just visited your blog today
and i will be adding you to my blogroll.
love the animal print + pink combo + green = pretty, cute, effortless

follow you on GFC

i'm sigh
my blog is

more power

fashioneggpplant said...

nice pumps babe! :) happy holidays!


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Kookie B. said...

Looking so chic, Arnie!

Happy New Year!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Carla, yay!! Glad you liked them! Thank you!! :)

@Junah, thank you so much for dropping by!! :"> Happy New Year, too!

@Sigh, oh that's so sweet!! I'll visit your blog too. Thank you!

@Sarah, happy holidays, babe!!! Miss you!! xx

@Kookie, hihi *kilig* Thank you gorgeous!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Joyce said...

your accessories goes well with your outfit! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Joyce, awww thanks babe!! :)