Bag Love Confession

Tired of burning all your cash on expensive designer bags? Want to have something in your arm that will catch the eye of everyone? Well, one London-based brand called Accessorize is here to give remedy to all our frustrations on dainty bags!

And yes, I was also in a search for the perfect bag before. With perfect, for me, means something that is easy to carry but can fit in all my needed stuff for the day, something unique and can depict my personality. And hail! During the Accessorize event where I luckily took home this lovely brown bag you're about to see, I can now declare that the chase is FINALLY over!

I love how this bag is just so flexible to fit every woman - to students, to those who work in community spaces or in the corporate world, and even to those in the comfort of their own homes. You have to agree, it's truly sublime!

I also adore how classy looking this bag is, and that it owns an earth tone which can totally rock any outfit!

Photo by Angel Rodriguez (Thank you so much again, Angel!! ♥)

This was taken during the Accessorize event which I blogged about here. I knew I couldn't wait any longer, so I wore it as soon as I had it! I believe we were really destined. *insert kilig smiley here* Too pretty to resist!

Wore the Accessorize bag again for a weekend getaway with my family!

Now I'll try to convince you on how lavish this bag is! Continue reading!

As I've said earlier, it can fit everything that I'll be needing for the day! Inside this bag are the following: 
♦ my Starbucks 2011 planner
♦ Purpose Driven Life book
♦ FUNctional notebook
♦ My make-up kit
♦ Hygienix hand gel
♦ my three (3) wallets

My umbrella and trustee pens for school are also in there but they're not seen in the photo.

Each one of us deserves a perfect companion, to our current life and relationships, from simple prayers and hopes. I suppose this bag's gonna be my buddy!

That's it for my bag love confession! ♥

Loveys, we still have 2 days to go for the Accessorize's All About Bags Sale! Go and raid before it's too late! xx

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