Finally, the stressful days and sleepless nights are over! Sorry if I've been away from blogging for like a week or so. I tried to focus myself on academic stuff even just for a while. So long, first semester! ☺ Anyway, I was luckily chosen to be one of the judges for a fashion show of the sophomore students yesterday (Saturday, October 8) for their Personality Development finals. I had an oral exam for Mandarin before the event, so I opted to look simple. Here's what I wore.

Note: These outfit shots were taken at the SM Mall of Asia. Went straight to MOA right after the fashion show.

On me: animal print top from a bazaar | The Ramp - Willow Clothing stripes cover-up | Terranova jeans | Tomato red flats | necklace from Canada | bag from Aldo | watch from Aldo | Funky Plum birds connector ring

Maybe now you know why this blog post is entitled Repetition. Familiar pieces, right? I was running late for school that morning, hence I mixed and matched the first clothes that I saw in my closet. Lesson learned, prepare thy outfit the night before the event. *sigh*

Told you I looked so simple.

My Saturday was also crammed full, for I headed to my dear friend's, Mafe's, dinner birthday celebration at Seaside Macapagal Ave. It was super fun! Met new people as well. ☺

Closer view of my accessories! Thank you so much to Ate Angel for giving me this very fabulous necklace all the way from Canada! She really knew how much I'm in owe with feathers! 

Will blog about the fashion show soon! I'll leave you now with something that keeps me doing the happy dance! Chatime!!!! In case you don't know, I love milk teas! 

Happy Sunday, loveys! xx


Anonymous said...

Print on print! Very Laureen Uy! ;)

Maria said...

babe, you are really pretty. :) I agree with anonymous, very laureen uy ;p

Anonymous said...

wow u look so good! simple and fresh - Katherine pascual

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Anonymous, awww thank you so much! :) Hope you'd let me know your name, too! ♥

@Maria, hi babe! Thank youuu. :"> See you soon pretty please! :)

@Katherine, hello there! Thanks a lot! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I love your style and yes, I have to agree with the milk tea :D

Arnie Villanueva said...

Molybdenumstudios, awww thank you so much for dropping by! ♥ Milk teaaa! ♥

Moda de la Mode said...

Lovely post, you have an amazing style. I love the watch! I found your blog through my sister's blog Joy to the World.

Here is the link to my blog

Denise said...

as always you are sexiness sis! i love the print on print top and cardigan! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Grace, awww thank you so much! I'm really flattered that you had the chance to venture through my blog. ☺ Let's follow each other! ♥

@Denise, HIHI NO. The photos are just deceiving. But I am not sexy. :))) SEE YOU TOMORROW, SIS!

Apple said...

i agree with denise. you are sexy and with oozing sex appeal.

i will be your new stalker. keep it up

ROXY said...

i love your top arnie :)) you look pretty anyway :)) been reading your blog for a while and im loving it :DD following you <3


Anne Garais said...

i super love the animal print touch on your outfit.. :) very chic.. and you are pretty din. im now your follower, hope you can visit my blog too, and can give me a follow? :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Apple, hey there! ☺ Thank you so much! Hahaha I'll take that as a compliment. Keep posted, babe!

@Roxy, AWWWW :"> This is really flattering!! Thank you so much! Will drop by your blog laterrr. :)

@Anne, surely!! ♥ Thank you so much and hope to get to know you soon.