Not So Girly

Foremost, I'm virtually extending my hugs and kisses to all the readers of my blog, for you guys have been the sweetest and most inspiring people I've known! Without your enthusiasm and kind words, I won't be able to go this far. :') Lots of love!

Anyway, I'm granting a request from Cris, a reader and good friend of mine, which is to do an outfit post with a not-so-girly peg. My closet is full of lassie stuff and you always see me on heels, so considering this request just got me so elated. Thank you for this idea, Cris, and I hope I passed your standards! Lol! :p

Yay to a different side of Arnie, yes? ☺

On me: black tube dress worn as top from Lhasa | Mango white shorts | Dolce & Gabbana brown leather jacket

Being on such kind of clothes made me wonder how it feels like to be a man. I know I'd still be fashyon! :p

By the way, thanks again to my dearest Dad for taking these shots! I love you to bits and pieces, Daddy! ♡

Dolce & Gabbana brown leather jacket

Both rings on the left from SM Accessories, skull connector ring on the right from Kircs Urfashionspot

Just can't get enough of all the pretty stuff from SM Department Store! Got this lovely shades for only P199.00! What a steal, right?

Lastly, a shot of my Converse shoes. I cannot recall the last time I wore these! I can't believe sneakers are still so pretty and comfortable! 

The coming days are just so full of events and activities and I'm really excited to venture all of them! Law of attraction - - we'll all have an awesome week, loveys!! xx


Myrted said...

Trulaloo!!! I love my pink and purple converse too. So comfy and stylish indeed. :)

Anne Garais said...

i love those rings and ur aviator shades, :)) simple and still chic!

anne <3

Brie M said...

Super comfy! :D I'd wear something like this sa term break hahaha! :D

Katherine Pascual said...

super hot! u still look gorj kahit on mens wear

ROXY said...

love the aviators :) i do have the same skull ring as yours :D got it from divi . ehe ! :)) loving it!

Anonymous said...

Buti ka pa, your Dad can take your pictures! Yun Dad ko makulit eh.. Pag sya ang nag-take ng pics ko, masyado syang maarte.. Mag aaway lang kame. :)))

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Myrted, I super agree!! ♥ Sneakers never run out of style!

@Anne, love them, too!! Thanks babe!

@Brie, hahaha post photos with your comfy clothes babe! I'd love to see them!

@Katherine, awww I'm touched sobra. Thanks!

@Roxy, yay!! How much is the skull ring sa Divi? I haven't been there yet. :( Buuut I really wanna go dun!

@Honey, HAHAHA I had no problems kasi sa gate lang naman kami nag-picture-picture. Dati nanginginig pa siya since he's pasmado, pero now keri na niya! HAHA Cute nyo ng Dad mo Ms. Honey!

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

Love your jacket, arnie!:) oh and i heard honey andrade passed her freeway invites to you? see you there!!:) Honey's a good friend of mine!:D

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi there, Ava!! ☺ Thank you so much. Hihi yes! Ms. Honey's so sweet to pass on her invites to me. See you tomorrow! ♥

ROXY said...

try it arnie :) sa 168 mall :DD went there once and i totally loved it :D its cheap kasi :D connector rings there eh 3 for 100 :D i knooow! very mura!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Are you going to the multiply shopping party later? :D

Apple said...

hi arnie,
even in menswear you still look very sexy girly.

thanks for dropping by my blog. thought you gonna follow back?..

love love,

i'm Apple

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Roxy, OMFG Nabasa ko ba yan ng tama?? 3 for 100?? Coolio!!! Go with me babe! Haha Idk how to go there.

@Kenneth, hey there!! :"> I wasn't able to come. :( Pero sa Freeway event, I was there. Had to go home early, impatient si Dad sa parking lot. Lol

@Apple, AWWW Kilig ako! Thank you! :") Yes I'm gonna follow you back. Keep in touch!

ROXY said...

HAHA! yes its true :D hmm sure :) sana lang di tayo mawala , nagtaxi kami that time eh first time ko din :D haha! i might go there this december for USTs paskuhan :D