Project Runway '11

Totally honored and blessed to be one of the judges for last Friday's big event in school - the CTHTIM (College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management) Project Runway 2011. The contestants had to dress up according to the country/region assigned to them. I honestly had a difficult time grading them individually because they all rocked and gave a twist to their outfits.

Beside me's my co-judge, a model in Philippine Fashion Week, Ms. CTHTIM Icon 2010, and won in various pageants - Ms. Julian Aurine Flores.

With another judge, Mr. Oliver Pandille, a professor in PLM. I love how he was so vocal with what he thinks regarding the outfits of the contestants. Fasyon!

Dearest Marriene Santos (CTHTIM SC - VP), Marvin Quiambao (CTHTIM SC - PRO) and I, about to unveil the awards for Mr. and Ms. Photogenic.

No outfit photo! But anyway, on me: black jumpsuit from Pop Culture | Rustans black maud | Michael Antonio studded wedges | rainbow feather earrings (9 inches) from Maris Collection

The photos I'm about to share now are my favorites! I just can't hide my awe to the students' creativity and style! And I'm really happy that they won. Double thumbs up!

Photo credits (c) Kevin Joshua Reyes

CTHTIM Project Runway 2011 - 2nd Runner Up (female category)

CTHTIM Project Runway 2011 - CHAMPION (male category)

CTHTIM Project Runway 2011 - 2nd Runner Up (male category). Love the accessories!

Wish I had a better shot for the girl's outfit. Sobrang bet ko!
CTHTIM Project Runway 2011 - 1st Runner Up (male and female category)

Hi, Jayr! :)

And of course, the CTHTIM Project Fashionista - CHAMPION (female category), looking very stunning! Everyone would agree that she deserves the title.

Congratulations to all the candidates! All of you did a great job!
Will blog more about the 10th year anniversary of CTHTIM, so watch out for it! xx


Denise said...

love your outfit Arnie! miss you na! :)

Anonymous said...

sobrang gorgeous po ms. arnie. saw you sa campus and na-stun kami ng classm8s ko. - katherine pascual

Arnie Villanueva said...

Denise! :) Hi sis! Miss you more and thank you! Send my kisses to Marise! ♥

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi Katherine! :"> Awww thanks! Tag me on Facebook if you have photos with me. Xoxo!