Early Shoot

Foremost, this week has been so deadly for me. Talk about academic stuff and various commitments. So forgive me for being away from blogging these past few days! Anyway, part of my busy week was a collaboration with my dearest blogger friend, Denise, yesterday. We had an early shoot at her house (and mini studio, hihi).

Sneak peak! I adore Denise's make-up skills! Love how she teased and sprayed my hair to make it look large and loose! And here she is, styling me with this awesome get-up.

Outfit photo! I finally got to strike a pose at Denise's trademark wall. Here's what I wore yesterday.

Photo (c) Denise Lunod

On me: black zipped up dress from Lhasa | The Landmark cardigan | skull connector ring from Kircs Urfashionspot | CMG black pumps (no photo)

Lastly, a shot with Denise and Marise (her baby girl)! Marise was so cute, sweet, intelligent, adorable and charming! You'll miss half of your life if you wouldn't meet this baby. To Denise, you're doing a great job raising her. 

Love you to bits and pieces, sis! Can't wait for the release of your 33rd collection. I'm so honored to be part of it. 

Are you also excited?? Enjoy the rest of the weekend, loveys! xx


Anonymous said...

ms. arnie we've been w8ng for ur collab with denise. when wil it be released? ang gnda nyo po :) - katherine pascual

Maria said...

aww.. you look fierce! Denise did a great job styling you :) missed you babe!

Denise said...

thanks for the wonderful time! and I knoe marami pang shoots to come hehe :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Katherine, aww thanks! :) Denise's 33rd collection for her online shop will be released this Sept. 14. Watch out for it! ♥

@Maria, hi babe! Thank you so much! Missed you here, too! Sana we'll meet soon!

@Denise, no sis. THANK YOU. :) Hehe I can feel it nga e. More to come! Love ya!

Carla said...

ok, i take the question back... i def know now Denise is your sis. haha cool


Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi Carla! :) No, Denise and I are not "biologically" sisters. We just got to know each other through blogging, then we decided to meet in a mall. :) There you go. Collaboration! ♥