Haul: Week One of August

The first week of August have been awesome so far! Feeling positive vibes in the different aspects of my life. So still, I have a lot of reasons to be happy despite the "hell slash midterms" week. Thank God, it's almost over!

Let me share to you some of the reasons why I'm doing the happy dance since August 2011 started.

Got a package from my fellow blogger Denise! These are accessories from her online shop, Simone's Closet. I totally admire her creativity and passion! She even attached a note inside the package which made me feel so glad and special! I'm sure she'll make you feel this way, too! ;) Again, I cannot hide how excited I am for our collaboration on her 33rd collection!

I'm sure most of us are fans of Forever 21, and we're all aware that they finally have an area for cosmetics. I wanted to try this lip gloss so I decided to buy it. Was supposed to buy other makeup products, too, but they didn't have testers so I got quite hesitant to purchase them. Maybe some other time! :)

I think my love for moustache have been greatly influenced by Mr. Pringles! iMoustache did a great job for releasing such design in different stuff like shirts, necklaces, etc. Too awesome to shave! :p

My facial moisturizer - Celeteque (with SPF 15)! I shall do a review about this one of these days!

Last but definitely NOT the least, the prizes I got from Ms. Honey Andrade's thank you giveaway (before she left for Kuwait)! Got a Rustan's black clutch, Penshoppe Aquagel, a Kimmi Doll and zebra print faux nails! Sadly, it was through her yaya MJ that I got these items (because yes, obviously she's not in the Philippines now), but I can still feel Ms. Honey's presence through her emails and text messages! Thank you for these!! ♥

I'd love to hear from you guys! Let's keep the positive vibes! August will shall be great!


Anonymous said...

I love you Arnie!!! Thanks so much for being so understanding about the whole situation.. I owe you!!! Will make it up to you real soon!! :) xoxo

Arnie Villanueva said...

Awwww!!! :"> No problem talaga, Ms. Honey!!! :) It's all worth it!! xoxo Thank you rin po!! Love you more! ♥