The Coffee Beanery

Headed to The Coffee Beanery (West Avenue branch) to try their unlimited coffee and cakes promo right after the Intramurals 2011 that I blogged about here.

Self-confessed coffee addict, so I was really excited to abuse this promo. And it costs P150.00 only! What a steal, right?

Coffee like no other, tea like never before. Right.

With the Ginoong Pamantasan 2010, Daniel! He's one of my foodtrip buddies!! :p

'Twas really obvious in this photo that he was drooling over this iced coffee! Peace, Danes!! :D I love that TCB offered both iced coffee and brewed coffee in this unlimited experience.

Choco-shizz cake - I forgot it's name, sorry!! And the one with marshmallow icing is the Devil's Food Cake. I was hoping that these cakes taste like heaven just like the other cakes I've had before but sadly, I guess I expected too much.

Brewed coffee time. The one with the shades is Daniel's cup! Vain. I'm not really into brewed coffee so I had a hard time emptying my cup.

Quite disappointed with this coffee and cake experience. Good thing we never ran out of stories to tell. Thanks, foodtrip buddy!!

No outfit photo/s for this post, sorry! Wore our college shirt since I came from school and the intramurals, plus a Terranova jeans.

More posts this weekend! Wait for it, loveys! xx


Anonymous said...

super pretty tlga!!! luv your eyes!! - katherine pascual

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi Katherine!! :) Been loving your comments in my posts. Thanks a lot!! ♥