Rarely Sunny

I feel like my Fridays have always been random but fun! Took advantage of the sunny weather while it's present, so we went to a place which (for me) has one of the best sceneries. 

Who wouldn't agree? :) The photos you're about to see were taken at a golf course located at Capitol Green Street.

It was incredibly windy that day! I love that it didn't rain last Friday! (Yes. Backlog post much? Better late than never!)

On me: top from Bangkok | The Landmark tights with snake skin print | CMG shoes

Whatcha lookin' at?? :p

Why was I doing this expression? Eh? Haha!

Forever 21 overload! My necklace and pearl bracelets were bought there! Pretty finds!

I love that the grass looks so healthy and clean! Keribels lang humiga!

Yay to this shot!

Here's a more detailed view of my tights. Snake skin and animal prints!

How I wish this place was mine!! 

Have a great Sunday, sweethearts! xx 


Anonymous said...

AGREE! -Gia :P

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hahaha! Hello, bestfriend!!! ;) Okay ba? ♥

mestizay said...

I have leggings just like that! I like the way you styled it.:)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Thanks a lot!! :) I love your blog, btw! Hot!! ♥