Fresh Start

Now embracing the field of blogging! This is but a sweet escape from all the stress in school. I know that I made the perfect choice of choosing Blogspot for this endeavor!

For now, let me feed you with what (and who) inspired me to be on this. The following photos were taken from the Philippine Fashion Week: Candies last May.

Before I went to the entrance of the main atrium, there came Get Shot and took a picture of me at the Candie's photo wall. Shocked, so forgive me if I look unprepared here. :p

Daniel and I were welcomed by the overflowing free champagnes and candies! Literal candies ☺

VIP seats with Daniel! Lucky to be just inches far from the runway.

My forever fashion inspiration, blogger Laureen Uy, breaking her style by color blocking! Very catchy!

PBB Teen Edition loveteam Fretzie and Bret! Looking great together on the catwalk!

Loving Bret’s look, head to toe!

The very gorgeous Ford Super Model, Danica Magpantay.

Ivan Dorschner looks like a duke here!! (bows head)

Elmo Magalona just had me tied down!! Reminds me very well of the great Francis M! With him are Ivan and his sister Maxene Magalona.

Finale! Giving themselves a round of applause for a fab and successful show!

On me: Forever 21 floral dress | Steve Madden shoes | gray cardigan from The Landmark | accessories from Tomato

Got the chance to be beside the very sweet and charming stylist and blogger Camille Co. She hugged me when I told her that I love her blog (I can still feel her hug that night even up to now!!). She also said that I was so cute with Daniel, and asked if he was my boyfriend. :p When we said no, she looked so charming while saying “OH!! (hand signs) Friends??” 

Fretzie and Daniel

Aaand finally, a photo together with the lady behind our daily dose of fashion posts, Laureen Uy. My day is never complete without visiting her blog site, and she's the reason why I had the urge to be on this industry.

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Ruth dela Cruz said...

Awesome! I just have this habit of checking the first entry of the blog that I find interesting ;)

Just my thing.. :)

Amazing.. Now for sure you get to see and be with Camille and Laureen almost every fashion event ;)