Blue Coated

Another busy week is about to start and we're counting days 'til our midterm examinations. Handouts, notes, research works and case studies have been haunting me and I can't think of anything pretty to wear so forgive me if I look plain in the photos you're about to see. Plus this gloomy and "bed" weather is also taking over my mood.

The "matipid" smile. 

It's only in this photo that my ring from The Ramp, Crossings is visible. I'm also wearing a twisted bracelet with a heart locket given by my Mom. I don't know why I forgot to take shots of my accessories for this outfit post. Prolly because I have too much in mind! Information overload!

Holding the heels of my Glitterati shoes that I was able to buy from the previous Super Sale Bazaar! It's so comfortable to wear - I can even run with these!

Closer view of my studded shoes! I love how it can suit almost all my clothes! I don't want to overuse these, though. :p

On me: Hong Kong brand light blue coat | animal print tank top from Bazaar | Mango white shorts

Have a great week despite being engaged with coffee and reviewers!! xx


Nix Rueda said...

love your blog, arnie. :) keep it up. followed you.

xx, nix

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi Nix!! :) This is really flattering. :"> Followed you too! ♥ I love the updates about you and your guy. Hihi! Keep it up, too! xx