How to Use the Paperang Portable Thermal Printer

This is probably one of my favorite Shopee finds to date! As someone who loves journaling, having extra touches for bullets or keeping memories through printed photos excite me so much! 

With Paperang, I can now instantly print anything - from to-do's, reminders, small notes, business cards, labels, photos, and more! 

Paperang is a portable thermal printer that you can easily connect to your phone via bluetooth. It's so small, stylish, and lightweight! It can fit inside your bag without eating too much space. 

Inside the package, you'll get a bluetooth printer, thermal paper, data cable, built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, and user manual. You can buy it from Shopee at a discounted price! I think this one was at around ₱1,199 only during 5/5!


First, you need to download PAPERANG from App Store or Google Playstore.

To turn on the device, 
long press the button for three (3) seconds. You'll see a green light which means it's on standby mode or has charge.

To connect it to your phone, double press the power key and it will print the corresponding QR code. And since you now have the Paperang app, scan the QR code to connect it to your mobile phone.

After connecting, the Paperang's automatically linked next time you start the application!

Here are some screenshots from the Paperang app! You have options for notes, images, templates, and more. As you can see, they have ready-to-use layouts that are so useful... and so cute! 

The app's pretty easy to navigate! Tried to print my weekend priorities with the giraffe to-do template, and here's the output!

AHHHHH *happy dance* Super nice!!! Printed in a few seconds!

Can't wait to do some more! Looking forward to print some labels for our condiments + random cheesy notes for Sam! :p

Paperang P1 Portable Thermal Printer is available on Shopee and they're included on the app's 5.5 Brands Festival! #ShopeePH55BrandsFest #ShopeePH