Self-Care Loot: Dove | Available on Shopee

Through the years, Dove has been one of the top of mind brands when it comes to personal care. I actually grew up using Dove soap bars and shampoos because my mom loves them! Until now, we purchase Dove products for my folks, plus my boyfriend loves the Dove Men line. :) 

If you're looking into giving someone a nice self-care loot, here are some items from Dove that you can conveniently avail from Shopee!

They're on sale for a limited time only! From ₱150 now down to 126!

I'm really very pleased that their formula for this product is plant-based and sulfate-free! Now, I'm more conscious about the products that I use, and it's definitely a PLUS for me when they have safe and sustainable ingredients.

Also on sale for a limited time only! From ₱150 now down to 126!

Love the scent of this body wash! Aside from it being plant-based and sulfate-free, this product has avocado oil and calendula extracts. 

Only SRP 159

Such a classic! These products are enriched with Collagen and Vitamin B3 concentrates proven to accelerate skin renewal and remove/prevent dark underarm marks.

Price is also discounted on Shopee for a limited time only! Get it for only 200!

Has Vitamin B3 to help repair dark underarm marks. Also gives off fresh and fruity fragrance, plus a 48-hour protection against sweat and body odor.

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