Fibermate & Sodium Ascorbate: 15-Day Challenge

Finally found time to write again! ♡ I’ve been really busy juggling work and events, but nothing beats this blog, this safe space. There’s a different level of accomplishment when you get to do something that you’re passionate about, right?

Anyway, I can really say that I’ve been insanely occupied because these months went by so quickly — never realized we’re already on the second half of 2019 til I jotted down my June plans the other day. I’m pretty sure you guys are busy, too! Given our unending list of to-do’s, we better make sure to be on the lookout for our health and wellbeing.


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m a big foodie. Eating is my way of releasing stress, like that “I deserve this meal” kind of reward after a long day. Fibermate helped in making me feel guiltless and in maintaining my weight, especially that I don’t have time to hit the gym. I think I even lost a few pounds just by drinking it daily.

First time to hear about Fibermate? It’s a supplement by RiteMED that contains Psyllium Fiber, aiding weight loss. TMI but still sharing - it really helped in my constipation. It would take me days to "release." With that, I can attest to Fibermate’s effectivity because it helped in regulating my bowel movement. Without it, I’m back to being uncomfortable and bloated. Really good for food digestion and detox.

Very very easy to prepare - I just mix it in my glass of ice-cold water, drink it before meals. Much like an orange juice, but sugar-free!

Fibermate is available in Shopee through the RiteMED Clickhealth Store. They have a special 1+1 promo until supplies last, so make sure to order as soon as you can!


Of course, I have several days that I feel overworked and exhausted — which leads to looking haggard or getting sick. Big no no! However, when I started taking in Sodium Ascorbate, I had that certain glow and I noticed I don’t get sick that easily.

Apparently, Sodium Ascorbate’s focus is collagen production and glutathione absorption — which explains where that “glow” is coming from. It also helps strengthen the immune system. Oh, and it's a non-acidic Vitamin C!

So I took both for 15 days. Honestly, at first, I didn’t really expect anything because a lot of brands promise too much and underdeliver. But with Fibermate and Sodium Ascorbate, there were noticeable changes just a few days after religiously drinking - most especially in terms of immunity and bowel movement!

On those days, I felt lighter, healthier, and glowing despite my tiresome days. I felt more poised to face my countless work- and blog-related meetings, all thanks to power dressing and the confidence from my daily dose of Fibermate and Sodium Ascorbate.

It makes me happy that I finally found supplements that really work. These days, it’s so hard to look for a trusted and reliable brand. High risks, high costs! And you know me, I only recommend brands that I really use - so I won’t let you down with skincare and healthcare stuff! 

Which reminds me… I need to restock soon! 

RiteMED Sodium Ascorbate is only Php4.50/capsule, available in all major drugstores nationwide. RiteMED Fibermate is Php622.00/30 sachets, currently available at Shopee with a special Buy 1 Take 1 promo!

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