Breakout Philippines | 2018 Experience

Our 2-month long kitchen break is over, and Wild Kinjo is back to regular programming! If you're following me on my social media accounts, you'll know that my vacation revolved around these things: blog events, quality time with my family and friends, kdrama, and sleep. I don't get to do all those when we have restaurant operations, so I really made the most out of our break.

A couple of weeks ago, Deo and I took our friends to BREAKOUT PHILIPPINES. We went to two (2) branches - first was at Paragon Plaza with our Wild Kinjo babies, and the other was at SM North EDSA with our solid barkada Yna and King.

To those who haven't heard of Breakout yet (WHY!), they're actually the Philippines' Premier Escape Room Game. Currently, Breakout has 6 branches - Paragon Plaza in Mandaluyong, Katipunan Avenue, Serendra BGC, Alabang Town Center, SM North EDSA, and Greenbelt 5.

Basically, you will play as detectives and will be locked in masterfully designed themed rooms for 45 minutes. The goal is to solve the puzzles (can be a passcode combination, lock and key, or reveal an entrance to a secret passageway) and escape the room within the given time. If you don't, then you'll be #trappedforever... but of course, that's only a term for losers. :p

Each room can accommodate up to 6 players. Since we were 9 at Paragon Plaza, we formed 2 groups (Team Arnie vs Team Deo) to play Hide & Seek and Room 13. Almost all of us were first timers, which made it even more exciting!

Photo grabbed from Breakout Philippines


My team and I were assigned in Hide & Seek. This room is quite popular but not for the best reason. There have been rumors that this particular room has some paranormal activities.

And true enough... we discovered that those rumors are not just rumors. Happily, our team is too competitive that we got to solve and escape Hide & Seek despite all the creepy stuff. LOL the thought haunted us even after we left Paragon! 

Photo grabbed from Breakout Philippines


Team Deo's room! For Room 13, the concept is that the group has checked in at an old motel after experiencing car troubles in the middle of nowhere. Didn't get to experience it so I'm not the best person to describe, but based from their stories, Deo was totally creeped out. HAHAHAHA! They didn't get to solve Room 13, but I heard they were almost there!


We all proceeded to The Break Room right after. This is one of Breakout's newest offers - a room where you can smash anything using bats for 30 minutes. If you're angry, frustrated, or stressed, this might be the perfect outlet for you.

What's great about The Break Room is that you can bring your own stuff to smash, may it be an old TV, ref, computer, something from your ex... really, anything that can fit in their door! You can also break beer bottles provided by their team, or punch the poor dummy inside the room.

For Php300/person (opening til 5PM) or Php350/person (5pm til closing), here's what's included:

Music Playlist
Smash to your choice of music. Simply connect to their bluetooth speaker and put the volume on max. My group and I went with trap and turnt songs, but I heard others smash with classical hotel lobby-type of music. HAHAHAHA! Kanya-kanyang trip!

Bring Your Own Stuff
Again, as long as it fits through their door (3ft wide and 6.7ft high), you can bring your own stuff to break. If they're almost as big as their doors, just inform them right away so they can secure permits.

Printed Faces
Email them ahead or bring a soft copy (USB flash drive) of the faces of people you're mad or frustrated at, they'd print those for you. ;)

CCTV Footage
The best part? You can have your CCTV footage to help you re-live your glorious moment! Just bring your own USB or buy one from them! 

Request For An Item
Too lazy to bring your own? Inform them ahead of time and they will do their best to source out the cheapest item for you to destress on.

Don't worry about the debris, The Break Room will have you all covered up with a protective gear - overalls, gloves, safety goggles, and headwear. Just make sure to wear closed footwear or rubber shoes. :)

Had such an amazing time with our Wild Kinjo babies! From being our restaurant's loyal customers to now our crazy friends, I'm so happy we became close with these balls of sunshine!

Jumping to the next Breakout session! Really... one visit is never enough! Deo, Yna, King and I went to their branch at SM North EDSA. I thought I'm braver than ever after experiencing Hide & Seek, but this branch is also something else.


When I found out that this room is inspired by the famous horror movie Insidious, I walked in feeling dead inside. LOL! They have a different attack in terms of puzzles and scaring you. Side story: I'm super weak when it comes to horror stuff. This room, however, needed a sacrificial lamb at some point and I was forced to get in because I'm such a good friend. LMAO! Can't believe I conquered that.

We got to solve and escape The Red Door, too! Second winning streak because I'm too competitive. :p 

Thrilled for our next Breakout session! Massive love and thanks to Breakout Philippines for having us! We had the best time <3


Weekday Rates (Monday - Thursday)
For 1-6 persons: Php300/person

Weekend Rates (Friday - Sunday)
For 1-2 persons: Php600/person
For 3-4 persons: Php500/person
For 5-6 persons: Php400/person

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