2018 Activities to do in Misibis Bay

If you haven't been to Misibis Bay yet, consider booking at this private island as soon as you can. This hidden gem in Albay has given me the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. It's the escape we all need and deserve.

Note: Misibis Bay Resort is completely safe from the 7KM Extended Danger Zone. Mt. Mayon is situated 40KM from the resort and 12KM from Legazpi Airport.

If you can't score low airfare rates, you can reach Misibis Bay via a 10-hour bus ride (straight to Sto. Domingo).

We left Manila around 2:00PM (Friday) and reached Misibis Bay by 5:30AM (Saturday). Longer trip than usual since we had several stops for food and washroom breaks. Traveling by land can get really tiring, but as soon as we entered our room, I felt so refreshed and pumped up again!

11 Things You Can Do in Misibis Bay

1. Rest and recharge at the prettiest accommodation - their Premier Pacific View

White, crisp, cozy. We stayed at the Premier Pacific View room, located at the new wing, which has the comfiest beds, a lovely bath tub in the middle of our room, and the best view of the resort's beach and pool.

Out of all the hotels that I've stayed in, our room in Misibis Bay is definitely my favorite. 

Oh, and by the way, upon arriving at Misibis Bay, their staff gave us welcome drinks, a customized beaded bracelet, and this beautiful bayong made by local weavers in Albay. Guests can place their stuff in this bag while roaming around the resort. So nice!

2. Paddleboarding

Fact: I'm always at the beach but I don't know how to swim. However, in the past years, I have surfed, snorkeled, and dived. My fears won't stop me from living to the fullest!

In this trip, I've tried the stand up paddleboarding for the first time. For some reason, this activity made me feel so calm - I got to think about my life (no joke) while balancing myself on the board.

3. Drive the jet ski

Another first for me: driving the jet ski! I've ridden this in Palawan before but I was just a passenger. At Misibis, Deo drove first, then I took over and he taught me how to operate. Speeding up the jet ski to 70kph with my boyfriend behind me was one of the best feelings in the world. Not to mention, it was almost sunset. So delightful and liberating.

4. Enjoy sunset cocktails and snacks at 5 Views

The staff reminded us about our next spot so we rushed to our rooms to get dressed. We rode a van to 5 Views, a place with 5 views of 5 different mountains including Mt. Mayon. In here, we had cocktails and snacks. Stunning.

5. Candlelight Dinner

No photos but watch out for Deo's vlog episode for the clips!

We got back to the hotel around 7:00PM. The staff led us to the beach area for a private dinner setup that they've prepared for us. You can request for this, too, perfect for romantic dates... or wedding proposals! ;)

6. Rejuvenate at Essenses Spa

After the long ride from Manila to Albay plus a day packed with activities, Deo and I capped off the night with a calming Signature Full Body Massage at Essenses. It was so good!

7. Ride the ATV

The next day, we woke up early to ride the ATV, in time for sunrise. Our adrenalines were on a high at 5:30AM! Lol. Deo drove around the Eco-Energy Park. The entire experience was challenging since the roads were intensely rocky going uphill, but it was totally fulfilling to see a majestic view of the Ampitheater, Albay Gulf and Pacific Ocean.

Our guide also surprised us with bread and coffee upon reaching the hilltop. So breathtaking.

8. Snorkeling at their marine sanctuary

The farthest and deepest I've been to in the ocean! I didn't have a go-pro with me to document the experience, but I think that's okay because I really got to "be" in the moment. In fairness, Misibis Bay has a healthy marine life, rich with different fish types and corals.

9. Woven Hat Making

Unfortunately, we weren't able to try the Woven Hat Making since we had such a packed schedule. This is how the hats look like!

10. Dine at Spice Market

After showering and preparing for check-out, we had lunch at Spice Market, a restaurant inside Misibis that offers local Bicolano flavors as well as international dishes.

Not in the photo: Bicol Express which we had for lunch and dinner the day before. :p

And of course, your stay at Albay won't be complete without sili ice cream! It tasted like your good ol' vanilla but with a kick. Irresistible!

11. See the Mayon Volcano upclose

During our ride from Misibis Bay to Legazpi Airport, we FINALLY saw the Mayon Volcano upclose. Despite the recent eruptions and consistent lava flows, it still has its lovely cone - a view that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

With our friends from When In Manila - Blew and JP!

Truly grateful for this trip. Thank you for the wonderful getaway, Misibis Bay!