2017 Review: How Our Restaurant Started

2017, you're amazing.

For me, this year was all about growth and dream chasing. Exploring strengths from within that I never knew existed. Turning dreams into reality.

What started out as a long shot goal is now our livelihood. I can still clearly remember that one fine night of business plotting with Deo and Kuya Enrico - with a pen, my planner, mugs of coffee and tea, and our dreams. Six (6) days after, we made it happen.

With just fueled souls, love for food, passion to chase the ultimate dream, a lot of risk-taking, and a big heart - we made it. In just a year, we went from food park and bazaars to a full-blown restaurant. I couldn't be more grateful. :)

January 20, 2017
 "Little Bistro" was our first venture in a food park - a Japanese-Italian fusion concept. We sold sushi, yakitori, pizza, wings, and wine! :) Such a humble start - with only 3 tables, stoves, griller, and oven to keep us going. Deo and I left our day jobs to grow and sustain our business.

March 4, 2017
Launched our own yatai (Japanese cart). In the same food park, we transitioned from "Little Bistro" to "Shibusa 渋さ" so we can focus solely on Japanese cuisine.

April 2017
 A devastating accident happened at the food park where we're at. Our equipment got damaged. Our sales also got extremely affected since the place closed down for 2 months for renovation. However, the three mighty pillars (us, lol) didn't just sit down to wait until the food park resumes. We joined weekend bazaars to help sustain our living.

June 2017
Food park operations resumed, but we knew things weren't the same anymore. The stream of customers went down. We also had to deal with rude business owners. Kuya Enrico went back to his chef duties at a cruise line, so Deo and I were left to run
Shibusa 渋さ.

August 20, 2017
Our last day at the food park. Deo and I decided to just wait until our contract ends before we go on a new venture. The entire August, we went EVERYWHERE in Manila to search for a new "home" for our business. We were restless but unstoppable.

Scouting for the perfect business location is really difficult. We went to almost all of the ideal streets in Quezon City and Manila. At times, Deo and I would talk about life and why it gets unfair. Why did have to experience those when we gave our 101% and took a lot of sacrifices? Before August 20, we were literally counting the days until our contract ends and we haven't found a new spot yet. The pressure (and hopelessness) was on.

And then, a beautiful miracle happened. We found the spot where Wild Kinjo is right now - along P. Noval beside UST (University of Sto. Tomas). Immediately, we called the lessor and asked him to take his ad down because we're getting it. Sobrang aggressive pero ganun talaga! HAHAHA!

Lo and behold, wala pa kaming solid menu, wala kaming gamit, but we finally have our own restaurant. :)

August 27, 2017
We started buying carpentry tools and restaurant equipment. We only hired two carpenters and one electrician, so Deo and I were very hands on - from Quiapo hardware shopping to the actual construction. We didn't get any contractors since we wanted to control our budget, but with this entire experience, I think pwede na kami maging contractors talaga. Hardcore! Hahaha!

Also, we managed to get by with the help of our good friend King, as well as our wall artist, Eugene. :)

It only took us 10 days to finish everything, including the final menu - not to mention, Deo and I had culinary classes at Enderun in between all those. As long as you have a strong heart and passion to reach your dreams, kakayanin mo talaga kahit gaano kahirap.

September 8, 2017
Wild Kinjo's opening! Our humble Japanese-Latin American restaurant, also known as the prettiest restaurant in UST ❤

November 4, 2017
Graduation day at Enderun! 
Thank you, Yna, for making this happen!

Three (3) months at Wild Kinjo and loving every moment! Apart from the success of our sales, our major fulfillment is the happiness of our customers.

In case you didn't know, Deo and I are the chefs here, too. Ganyan kami ka-hands on! ;) Our mothers also help us with the daily operations.

On top of everything, we also do blogging and vlogging. I've no idea where our unlimited energy comes from!

Christmas 2017

Cebu 2017
December 27 - December 29, 2017

Given our mad schedule, Deo and I didn't have the chance to go on a vacation. But just when we thought we won't get to travel this year, Locally flew us to Cebu and gave us a remarkable stay at Shangri-La Mactan. What an amazing way to end 2017!

I'll dedicate a separate blog post (and Youtube vlog) for that so stay tuned!

Grateful for you, 2017. I'm even more inspired to keep hustlin' this 2018!

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