Thoughts of a Young Entrepreneur

Hello guys! How's everything going for you? Whether for school, career, and personal life, I sincerely hope you're doing great. :)

If you were to ask me, August gave me a pretty tough first week. May or may not be the ghost month or Mercury Retrograde to blame. But more importantly, the heavier challenges we faced gave us business and life lessons that we'll carry on forever - most weren't even taught in school.

For the dream chasers and aspiring young entrepreneurs, Deo and I collated a few learnings we've got in running a business in our early 20s. Thought of sharing some with you to (sort of) prevent future heartaches and make you stronger. ❤

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Find your passion.
Cliche but very important. Before we started Shibusa 渋さ, Deo and I know a bit about the kitchen but our careers then weren't related to cooking at all. Only Kuya Enrico graduated from culinary school and worked in the industry for a couple of years.

However, since the very first training day for our nano restaurant, Deo and I loved every moment and found ourselves excited for every waking day dedicated for cooking. That's also why we man Shibusa 渋さ daily - from doing market errands to actual operations.

Assess what you're passionate about. If you haven't found that out yet, try different things. Be patient, and then you'll discover the thing that makes you the happiest eventually.

Take risks.

Taking risks can entail a lot of sacrifices. In our case, Deo and I had to leave our full time jobs to focus on our business. We had to live a bit below our means because of our investments. Yet jumping into this field was the best decision we've ever made. No regrets at all.

Keep healthy partnerships.

Like in relationships, you must know, or better yet, have the same values as your business partner/s. Since Shibusa 渋さ is our first venture, we limited the partnership to Deo, Kuya Enrico, and I. What's great with this is that we know our individual strengths and weaknesses, and we know how to complement one another.

Partnerships also exist with customers, staff, vendors and suppliers. Keep a healthy relationship with these people because they take part in making your business successful.

It's not easy to start a business,
but maintaining and sticking with it is even more difficult.

Major decisions, finances, handling people, and circumstances beyond our control. No matter how hard we try to strive for perfection each minute, not everything will go our way.

In less than a year of operations, Shibusa 渋さ faced extreme highs and lows. From a successful launch, steady stream of customers, healthy cash flow, and loyal fans, to a major accident that affected our business (we had to close down for 2 months), operating on a limited budget, and having to deal with rude business people - we realized how crazy the lives of restaurateurs/entrepreneurs are because we experienced those first hand.

Despite all those, we never lost hope. We actually even proved to ourselves how much we love Shibusa 渋さ and that we're not giving this up. We discovered abilities we never knew we're capable of doing, developed strength to see how far we can go. Because of those failures, my relationship with Deo went to a deeper level and we became hungrier for success (in a good way). After all, if you are afraid to fail, then you're not ready to win.

"Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty." - Theodore Roosevelt

Have a strong heart. Never give up.

That says it all. <3

I've so much more to share but I still have to prepare for today's operations. I've been getting requests for this particular topic so I hope you learned something from this lengthy post! :p

Feel free to visit Shibusa 渋さ from Tuesday to Sunday, 5PM-12MN, at 38 Mayaman Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City. We'll be there until August 19! I'd be happy to see your sweet faces there!

'Til the next one! Shine through, loves! xx

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