Vivo V5s - Newest Perfect Selfie Phone

Looking for a mobile phone that can give you the perfect selfie? The new V5s from top five global premium brand Vivo is finally here! With this phone, you can take the "selfie game" to greater heights!

Vivo V5s is fit for the needs of millenials, working professionals, and people from all walks of life. Here's why it's called the "newest perfect selfie phone."

20-megapixel front camera with f2.0 aperture /
13-megapixel rear camera with f2.2 aperture
 V5s can give you crystal clear, high-resolution selfies, wherein all the details are astonishingly visible.

Ultra-high-definition mode
Which can render stunning ulta HD images of up to 52 megapixels

Group Selfie Technology
This feature allows up-close panoramic landscape panning effects in capturing a group without squeezing in or missing anyone. Best part? It supports both portrait and landscape orientations!

Selfie Softlight Technology
Provides lighting effects similar to those in a professional photography studio, with an enhanced night mode for clearer and more fabulous selfies taken at night or in poor lighting conditions.

Beauty Mode 6.0
This feature works like a skincare tool that automatically detects your gender and applies beauty touches accordingly. Anti-haggard selfies!

5G-ready capacity
V5s can give you a more stable Internet connection so you can upload that awesome selfie in an instant!

4GB RAM, 64GB ROM (Expandable up to 256GB)
Perfect for games and applications, and can let you store up to 302 films, 20,000 songs or 26,000 pictures, and other documents.

App Clone
If you have 2 different accounts under one social media account (ex. professional and personal accounts), V5s' App Clone is for you! The said feature currently supports important chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, BBM, Zalo, and Viber.

Also, the V5s shares the elegant and sleek design of the V5 series, with slimmer bezels and a large 5.5 inch display in 2.5D coming gorilla glass that gives impressive video-viewing effects. Vivo designers also gave the V5s an amazing new look with finer details, as the U-shaped cover lines make the back cover look even more premium and high-end.

Other notable features include a smart split 2.0 that enables the V5s to keep two tasks on screen at the same time, an eye protection mode that filters out all the blue light and makes the screen light softer, and a 0.2 fingerprint unlocking.

Gotta love the Vivo V5s! Visit these sites for more information:

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