2017, Let's Do This!

I can go on and on dwelling about how 2016 slammed my life with mishaps, but I would rather think about all the great things that happened this year. The girl who you thought was beaming with sunshine actually suffered from anxiety and depression, and almost took her life to end the pain. The journey wasn’t easy. But while medicines can heal the body, genuine love can heal the soul.

Miracles exist.

On me: makeup by Sasa of MAC Cosmetics | hair by Vivere Salon | dove gray lace cropped top and midi skirt from Karimadon (gift from Deo) | white heels from Stradivarius

Side note: Probably one of my favorite looks to date! Months back, I’ve been eyeing on this full dove gray Karimadon set, which I promised to buy before our Christmas party at Marco Polo. But Deo and his ninja skills are on point, he handed this to me as his birthday surprise. :)

Anyway, my faith was tested in so many levels this year. On the verge of giving up, however, God sent an instrument for His love, an aide to lift me up. Deo is my miracle. And along with my parents and his family, I found more reasons to live. Now, I have a million things to be grateful for.

I’m sure there will still be rocky roads and misfortunes, but I will fully welcome 2017 with love and strength, ready to widely embrace change. I will fly with optimism. I will guard my heart. I will continue to push myself with GUTS! I will stay grounded and grateful.

Empowered to continue living. 

To those who’ve been through a lot of struggles, too - keep fighting, little angel. You are not alone. Take one step at a time to get back up. WE CAN DO IT.

Photos by Deo Montuerto

Cheers to an amazing year ahead! Happy 2017, everyone!
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