Landers Superstore - Membership Guide and Exclusive Items

For me, grocery shopping is oddly comforting. I enjoy walking around the wide halls of supermarkets while filling my basket with necessary items and a few stuff to satisfy my cravings. Believe it or not - I’m the domesticated type, and I cook, although not as often as before because of my insane schedule. Gone are the days when I get to make Beef Caldereta, Bicol Express and Pork Chao Fan for my folks. I badly need a break so I can do that again.

Anyway, I gave a little throwback because Landers Superstore brought back so many happy homey feels when we shopped there a few weeks back. It was my first time to visit Landers, and I really got giddy exploring familiar and new items at this haven. I felt inspired to get my hands on the kitchen again because of this grocery experience. And nope, their items aren’t so expensive.

Photo from Deo Montuerto

Most of my friends and readers raised this question to me when they saw my Snaps and Instagram Stories at Landers Superstore - How do I become a member?

How to become a member of Landers Superstore

Simply download the Membership Form here, print and fill it out. You can head over to Landers Balintawak or Otis to submit the form and have your photo taken. They’re open from Monday to Sunday. Make sure to bring 2 valid IDs, and prepare Php800.00! :)

Your Landers Superstore card is valid for 12 months and can be renewed. You may also use it for other branches, not just where you registered.

Now on to our superstore adventure! It’ll be quite impossible to squeeze in all the offers of Landers, so I opted to share those that caught my attention while shopping.

The hype’s real with this Wine Ice Cream. I got to taste the Chocolate Cabernet flavor and it was really good! :)

Why should you get this from Landers? Because this famous Canadian chocolate brand is only available here, and their packs are pretty affordable!

One of my staple drinks at Starbucks when I’m not in the mood for coffee or green tea latte.

My all-time favorite Japanese dressing! I remember I had a Kewpie phase 2 years ago wherein I paired all my meals with Kewpie. I think this one from Landers is the biggest size I’ve seen so far!

Special chicharon solely made for Landers! Need I say more?

Landers has an area for organic items. My parents will surely love that spot!

I got overwhelmed with their meat section because they pretty much have everything and anything we need at an affordable price.

The struggle was real in choosing for that perfect first Marie Morin cake. It was a battle between Chocolate Mousse and Salted Caramel. I got the latter, with absolutely no regrets!

Wouldn’t this make your taste buds happy? :)

Now would you look at that cart... Lol!

I’ve actually spotted a lot more interesting items like Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn, Nutella Jug, a tub of Bean Boozled, etc - which you’ll have to find out for yourselves! ;)

Touring the whole superstore can get tiresome, but there’s Landers Central to help you revive your energy with good food! We tried out their Chicken Meal, Pizza, US Famous Beef Hotdog and Fries!


As if the sweets we’ve consumed weren’t enough yet, we tasted Doppio Ice Cream. I got the Strawberry Shortcake flavor and I’m definitely coming back for it! :)

Afternoon well-spent at Landers Superstore! Thank you so much for having #TeamARNEO! We’ll see you again very soon! ♡

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