Throwback Mood

I almost forgot to blog about this ensemble. Great job, Arns. Lol! Good thing I rummaged through my closet a few weeks back and saw these pieces again. Can anyone recall the last time I wore this? Leave a comment below and I might have a special surprise for you! ;)

Now since we’re on a TBT mood, if I may ask - where were you this time last year? What were you up to, how was the universe treating you, have you gained and lost things? And on top of all those, did you carry any learnings to where you are right now?

On me: off shoulder top from Bottomline Clothing | skirt courtesy of Only MNL | bag courtesy of Parisian Shoes and Bags | Adidas Stan Smiths

September 2015 has taught me several learnings, one of which is that change is the only constant thing in life.

Change #1. The people you were with last year may or may not be part of your current journey. It’s a sad reality, and I experienced it firsthand. I thought I couldn’t withstand the pain, but look, I’m still alive. Relationships end for a reason, and soon enough, you will meet people who will see your worth through and through. Hold on to them.

Change #2. Choose to fly. Nothing good comes with being caged for a long time. It’s normal to get scared of judgments and misinterpretations; after all, some people really jump into unreasonable conclusions and we can’t do anything about it. YOU are important. Your happiness is important. Would you want to get stuck in that place forever? You decide.

Change #3. Hardships. Nope, it never ends! That’s how life will shape you to become better. Case in point - work. I always make sure to give my all with everything that I do. I guaranteed that my clients will be 100% happy with my executions and in exceeding their KPIs. Nothing beats the feeling of stepping out from a meeting room, knowing you have their full trust and delight. It was all a breeze this time last year. Now, I’m swimming through an unknown ocean and I might drown anytime soon. I try my very best to surpass this, but it scares me every single day.

Change #4. Love. It may wither or flourish - and that’s how it changes. When you thought you already know what love means, the universe has its way to validate it. I thought I knew what this emotion is all about because of my past ties. But with Deo now and all that we’ve been through in a couple of months, that’s where I found out how far I can go for him. I never imagined I had this capacity to love, and I know it can still go a long way. Our strong family ties matter, too! I couldn’t ask for more.

Photos by Deo Montuerto

How about you? Have you thought about the things I’ve asked earlier? Let’s talk about it in the comments section! :)

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