Sample Room: Head & Shoulders' Shampoo and Conditioner

In case you didn’t know, scalp is skin, too! So this part should be given utmost care, just like how you treat your face and body. Everyday, we’re exposed to harmful elements like dust, dirt, smoke and pollution. Prevent further damage by simply adding an extra step to your skincare regimen.

Here comes Head & Shoulders’ tri-action scalp care formula that cleanses, protects and moisturises your scalp for dandruff-free and healthy hair!

Before buying, you can try out Head & Shoulders' shampoo and conditioner from Sample Room first! I currently use the Smooth and Silky combo and I really love how the products give me shiny and fresh-smelling locks!

The best part? You only need 110 points to get the full-sized samples! More reasons to love Sample Room! Visit Head & Shoulders' page now before they run out of stock!

Thanks to my Sample Room family for always being so thoughtful! ❤

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