BLK 513 at SM City North EDSA

Even from years back, I’d pick frozen yogurt over ice cream all the time. In case you didn’t know, I’m not big on sweets. I can’t finish a bar of chocolate (except when it’s as small as a Kitkat or when I badly crave for it during PMS). I’d go for an original glazed doughnut instead of one filled with sweet toppings. I love plain hot Pandesal, no spreads needed. I hope you’re not weirded out. Lol!

But again, I’m all praises for fro-yo. I love its distinct sour taste that blends well with my choice of fruits, syrup and toppings. My love for it went up to the next level when I finally got to try out BLK 513! I’m so happy we have it in the North now!

A few weeks back, Deo and I headed to SM City North EDSA for the exclusive soft opening of BLK 513. My taste buds were ready to devour on the country's first activated-charcoal enhanced frozen yogurt. That day, I couldn’t contain my excitement! :p

Aside from our friends from the blogging community, what welcomed us at BLK 513 were their range of premium toppings, fruits and crunches. You'll surely get overwhelmed!

If it's going to be your first time to try, you might want to get a Dark Skim Cup (with 1 crunch + 2 fruits + 1 sauce). My picks were Caramelised Cookies (crunch), Mango and Dragonfruit (fruits), and Faux Ferrero (sauce). I’m actually on cloud nine just thinking about these yummy treats… oh god.

To be honest, I finished 2 dark skim cups during the event and Deo had 3. Hahahaha what even! The cups aren’t even small, mind you!

BLK 513’s indeed a guilt-free dessert shop! You get to satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy manner. Why? Did you know that Activated Charcoal is a Globaly Remedy for Anti-aging, Bloating and Heart Health? Your dark skim cup can help eliminate toxins from processed food and environmental pollution. It's also lower in calories, fat and sugar, than other desserts.

Aside from Dark Skim Cups, BLK 513 also has Super Skim Cups. These taste like your favorite ice cream, topped and blended with your choice of crunches and fruits, too!

More healthy options! They offer Skimmed Milk as well! :) We had the Matcha Skim - green-tea, cold skimmed milk, has non-dairy creamer and unrefined brown sugar. They also have this drink in Raw Cacao, which I’ve yet to try!

Since they opened at SM City North EDSA, I’ve been getting my dose of Dark Skim Cup every week. So addicting!

Oh, and to make the South kids happy, they’re opening at the SM Mall of Asia this October! Stay tuned on their social media accounts for updates.

Thanks, BLK 513, for having us! We'll always love you at your darkest! ♥

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