Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food

Wait… what? The long weekend’s over? I’m writing this on a midweek? I haven’t even had a good rest yet. There’s really no pause, no slow-mo in life. Anyway, everything that has transpired during the break was beyond amazing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

It was a holiday last Friday but that didn’t stop Deo from working, with a pretty early call time of 7:00AM. A fairly new restaurant near Tomas Morato (along Scout Limbaga) tapped him as a food stylist for a photo shoot. Really so proud of Deo. You guys should definitely witness how he does his magic!

Hand over the crown for “Most Supportive Girlfriend” to me, please and thank you. Lol! Of course, I had to be there to go all-out in assisting Deo. Arrived before noon and got greeted by (probably) everything that’s in their menu. Tummy is happy!

Being a North girl entails that one of my hangout places is Tomas Morato. I’m so happy I’ve got a new addition to my top restaurant picks in the area. Introducing Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food, a restaurant where you can have a taste of different places all over the world.

Can’t wait to share with you the official photos from Deo’s food styling gig! Saw the shots and they’re all lit! For the meantime, follow Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food on Facebook and Instagram as they might release some soon. :)

While we wait for that, let me show you more photos from our gastronomic feast! You might get hungry as you scroll. You were warned. Hahaha!

Definitely coming back for Vagabonds’ steak offers! Tried their Tokyo Beef which is one of their best-sellers and I really loved it. Took home for my folks, too, and they said it really tasted good.

These photos might look a bit intimidating but at Vagabonds, you’ll surely get value for money. A platter can be shared by around 2-3 people already with good portioning, at a reasonable price.

Yummy cheesecakes that go well with coffee! I’m super going back for these!

And don't forget to try out their mouth-watering shakes for only Php150.00! Really love the Matcha Milkshake!

Because I got to try a bit of everything during the shoot, I’ve distinguished what sets Vagabonds apart from the rest. In here, you’ll surely enjoy a palatable journey. Vagabonds are wanderers, and this restaurant aims to take your tastebuds around the world.

Definitely going back at Vagabonds soon! Hope to see your beautiful faces there! I’m tagging along my family and friends, and probably some of my readers here pretty soon! Stay tuned for that ♡

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