These Chromes

Hey guys! It’s been a week since I last posted, and it feels kinda weird because I was on a blogging streak over the past month. Work’s been really insane. I’m happy, though, that I chose to stay in on a Saturday night and I finally had the chance to blog and catch up on series. Lol! About to start with Stranger Things! It’s past midnight and my friends told me not to watch it at this hour. Let’s see! Hahaha!

Here’s what I wore to the MAS! by Style Origins fashion show at UP Town Center, by the way. These chromes, yet again. 

On me: black cropped top from Nava | leather motorcycle jacket from H&M | Mango high waist shorts | Adidas Superstars | sling bag courtesy of SM Accessories

The rainy days are back! Glad the season permits us to wear leather jackets (or layers) now without getting irritated with heat and sweat! However, this weather is too relaxing, it hinders my productivity. I’d rather bury myself in sheets, drink hot coffee, and binge watch series and movies. Oh, and I almost forgot - when the rain goes hard, I can’t take outdoor OOTDs. Pretty tough to compete with the nature! #priorities #bloggerproblems

Photos by Deo Montuerto

Anyway, I’ve yet to start with the first episode of Stranger Things! That’s it for now. Tweet me (@arnsvillanueva) if you want to say hi or ask a few questions! You can be as random as ever. I’d be glad to pause the series and answer you guys. ♥

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