Stronger with Kinetix Lab

On to my second month at Kinetix Lab and getting stronger every session! Have you seen my first post about my favorite playground yet?

Gymming has become part of my everyday routine and it’s actually one of the things that I look forward to after the long hours at work. This might sound weird, but all the sweat and fatigue make me feel fulfilled. I get inspired by my progress and Deo’s belief that I can do it, really. :)

On me: top and bottom activewear courtesy of Sassa | shoes courtesy of Skechers

The previous weeks were all about builds. Deo and I still attend HIIT classes every Monday, but the rest of the week are for lifting and strength training, targeted per area. We have a day for chest and back, another one for triceps, biceps and abs, and finally for legs and calves (aka my worst enemy). Who loves leg day? HUHU

Our coaches taught us the proper ways per set, and when we finally mastered them, they trust Deo and I enough to do the program alone. They’d also check us out from time to time to correct our posture and make sure we do the routines right so we won’t get injured. :)

From 6-8 reps with the lightest weights, we increase ranges each training day (or when we feel like we’re already accustomed to doing the usual sets). Again, I’m not the most athletic girl you’ll meet, but I’m happy to say that the old weak Arnie who whines at 5kg dumbbells can now work out with 25kg, 20 reps! I can also now do up to 70kg weights for ab pull downs! ;)

To add, before, I could barely do sit ups but now, you’ll spot me doing it at the inclined bench. Can’t believe it! Arns, I’m so proud of you. Hahaha!

Trainings are better when you work out in style! So kilig that I’m finally part of the Sassa family! Thank you for having me as one of your ambassadors!

But truth be told, I’d be nothing without Deo. He patiently guides me with all the exercises and pushes me to my limits. When I feel like I can’t do the drills, he never doubted my abilities so I challenge myself to finish no matter how difficult they are. You’re the best, babe! ♥

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The key to fitness? Remember the importance of consistency and staying focused. Kinetix Lab is open 24 hours for you, so you really don’t have an excuse to skip! ;)

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