Komono: Vision and Timing

Your choice of accessories can make or break your outfit. Whether you’re drawn to minimalism or loud prints, you have to find that perfect blend even with the smallest details. That’s actually what Komono stands for.

Komono’s been in the industry for years now, but it was only in 2015 that this Belgian brand landed in the Philippines. They have the nicest watch and eyewear collections, and you’ll know that their items are perfectly crafted once you get to hold one! Deo and I are very happy and fortunate to be one of their online influencers, and we can’t wait to share our Komono favorites soon!

We’re totally game for anything that can fulfill our souls (and adrenaline, lol) so entering GRIND at Glorietta 5 was like taking a step inside an adventure haven. You can easily get distracted by all the brands at Grind, but Komono’s little corner will surely get your attention. Who wouldn’t give these pieces a second look? Or probably third? Fourth? Nth?

The watches and sunglasses of Komono are inspired by distilling the best of culture into its simplest forms. I believe their Spring/Summer designs are patterned with Tokyo’s chaotic tidiness, giving the items an intimidating, inviting and sophisticated feel. All else follow this simple complexity, the perfect juxtaposition you’d ever wear.

Being a huge sunnies person, I felt really glad to add Komono’s The Renee design in my collection; plus it’s tortoise! I really think I’d overuse this eyewear. It can go well with different outfits so this should be part of your staples!

Meanwhile, they also surprised me with two watches in Flemish Baroque and Denim Polkadot prints! I’m pretty sure these will give my ensembles an extra oomph! I actually wore the flemish baroque one last Friday and received lots of sweet feedback about it.

Komono has so many beautiful designs that you should check out soon. They’re available at Grind and Bratpack stores.

After going nuts with Komono’s collections, Deo and I went around Grind and fell in love with the brands inside! Everything made us imagine about our next getaway. My soul craves to go on a vacation!

Of course, there’s Roxy for surfing (it’s been more than a year since I last surfed, boo) and Quiksilver for other boardsports and travel goods.

Stance, Mitchell and Ness, Globe, and other brands that can cater to our non-stop action sports needs are all housed in Grind! You have even more reasons to drop by any of their branches.

Herschel’s also unstoppable from producing beautifully-designed bags! Their duffels, backpacks and other styles come in supreme colors and prints.

Really eyeing on this one! OMG!

Shared this post on Instagram last Friday, by the way! It’s an OOTD sneak peek featuring my watch from Komono. I’ll blog about it very soon so please stay tuned!

Thank you so much to our Komono family and Primer Group of Companies for the love! We’ll always be grateful! :)

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