August 2016 Happy List

Is it just me or the past months really flew by so fast? We’re now down to the last few days of August! Whether 2016 has been good or bad for you, you still have a couple of months to make this year your own! Positivity all the way! :)

And to keep the optimism going, think about your favorites and do or have them more often. Here’s my list for August!

On me: pullover courtesy of Penshoppe | Uniqlo pants | watch courtesy of Komono | Adidas Stan Smiths | sling bag courtesy of SM Accessories

Me and my infinite love for white clothes

My fashion mantra: When in doubt, wear white! If you’ve been following my blog ever since, you can attest to this! :)

Japanese food

I think I hear “irasshaimase” every week. I crave for Japanese food all the time! My Instagram Stories and Snapchat are always filled with spicy salmon sashimi, maki and katsu. I actually had those for lunch earlier but craving for them again as I type. This is crazy.


Work’s getting tougher and draining, tbh. That’s why I’m thankful that Raid My Closet is here to keep me sane. Blogging helps me feel relaxed and attending events (no matter how traffic it is in Manila) makes me happy.

Family Time 

The universe has given me the best gift and it’s no other than Deo. I’m lucky I’ve finally found my soulmate, and even luckier because our parents click so well. Nothing beats seating at one table, laughing and sharing meals and stories with your loved ones. Our restaurant hopping, house bonding and car rides are priceless! I’ll always be grateful for those moments. :)

Photos by Deo Montuerto 

These and more! Key takeaway’s that you should find out what makes you happy and stick with them for as long as you could. How about you? What are your favorites this August?

Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food

Wait… what? The long weekend’s over? I’m writing this on a midweek? I haven’t even had a good rest yet. There’s really no pause, no slow-mo in life. Anyway, everything that has transpired during the break was beyond amazing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

It was a holiday last Friday but that didn’t stop Deo from working, with a pretty early call time of 7:00AM. A fairly new restaurant near Tomas Morato (along Scout Limbaga) tapped him as a food stylist for a photo shoot. Really so proud of Deo. You guys should definitely witness how he does his magic!

Hand over the crown for “Most Supportive Girlfriend” to me, please and thank you. Lol! Of course, I had to be there to go all-out in assisting Deo. Arrived before noon and got greeted by (probably) everything that’s in their menu. Tummy is happy!

Being a North girl entails that one of my hangout places is Tomas Morato. I’m so happy I’ve got a new addition to my top restaurant picks in the area. Introducing Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food, a restaurant where you can have a taste of different places all over the world.

Can’t wait to share with you the official photos from Deo’s food styling gig! Saw the shots and they’re all lit! For the meantime, follow Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food on Facebook and Instagram as they might release some soon. :)

While we wait for that, let me show you more photos from our gastronomic feast! You might get hungry as you scroll. You were warned. Hahaha!

Definitely coming back for Vagabonds’ steak offers! Tried their Tokyo Beef which is one of their best-sellers and I really loved it. Took home for my folks, too, and they said it really tasted good.

These photos might look a bit intimidating but at Vagabonds, you’ll surely get value for money. A platter can be shared by around 2-3 people already with good portioning, at a reasonable price.

Yummy cheesecakes that go well with coffee! I’m super going back for these!

And don't forget to try out their mouth-watering shakes for only Php150.00! Really love the Matcha Milkshake!

Because I got to try a bit of everything during the shoot, I’ve distinguished what sets Vagabonds apart from the rest. In here, you’ll surely enjoy a palatable journey. Vagabonds are wanderers, and this restaurant aims to take your tastebuds around the world.

Definitely going back at Vagabonds soon! Hope to see your beautiful faces there! I’m tagging along my family and friends, and probably some of my readers here pretty soon! Stay tuned for that ♡

Beauty in Contrast

In case you didn’t know, Deo and I have so many differences. In fashion, I’d often go for whites and he’d choose blacks. He’s athletic and I’m not. He’s very creative while I’m strategic. He’s always prepared with plot lines and plans from A-Z, while I’m the anything-goes type. These and more! But you know what? There’s really beauty in contrast.

On me: inner white drawstring top from GTW by SM | white bomber jacket courtesy of Penshoppe | watch courtesy of Komono | white pants from Uniqlo | Steve Madden bag | nude heels courtesy of SM Parisian

Deo’s a dream chaser and a living proof that anything that you aspire for can come true. I wouldn’t go through the whole story, but the journey in reaching his ultimate goals is what inspires me and a lot of people. And he’s not yet over. From his humble beginnings in Hataw and Salinggawi, to being a front row slayer who dances in world stages with A Team, to his killer copies and articles for digital marketing, to his adventures in the world of blogging - I can go on and on with a list of his achievements but they will all boil down to his hardwork and raging fire for success. He knows what he wants, and with him, nothing’s impossible.

More about Deo's outfit at

At times, I’d stare at him and wish I had his fuel. I’m the hang loose type. I’d usually just follow wherever the universe leads me, to be honest. But when I met Deo, I suddenly felt the need to rethink about what I really want in my life. I’m fulfilled with where I am now, but there’s even so much more to explore. What are your dreams, Arns? How else do you maximize your existence? There’s more to life than living. You just have to beat complacency.

However, it’s amazing how our contrast serves as our reminder of how we should go about life. When his thirst for bigness swells, I’m the one who keeps him calm and cites how he should be kinder and fair to himself. When I feel hopeless about work and other stuff, Deo would remind me of the things he has surpassed that almost seemed impossible. Sometimes, all you need is someone who will push you to become better. I’m grateful because we’re more than just a couple; we’re life partners. :)

Tried my best not to put more cheese in this post, just so you know! Hahaha! Bottomline is that when you find that perfect contrast, never let it go. Similar with a Yin Yang that's bound to maintain wholeness and balance, one cannot live without the other.

Bonifacio High Street's MAS! by Style Origins

Left in awe once more with MAS! by Style Origins! The last one I’ve been to was held at Bonifacio High Street where they showcased their most sought after brands. The long drive from North was worth it. You know the drill!

All these stylish clothes make me want to update my closet real soon!

Something for the gentlemen. Eyeing on those bomber jackets. I can already imagine Deo (or myself) wearing them :p

Aside from great fashion finds, Bonifacio High Street's version of MAS! by Style Origins involved dogs on the runway. Cutest slayers!

Martin Del Rosario was there, too, and he walked for Bench.

And how timely because I was just looking at these exact Kate Spade bags days before the event. Is this the sign I'm waiting for...

And finally, Cheats capped off the fun night of MAS! by Style Origins. Eargasm!

Thank you for having me and congratulations for another successful show, Ayala Malls and Bonifacio High Street! No fail in releasing great events! :)

These Chromes

Hey guys! It’s been a week since I last posted, and it feels kinda weird because I was on a blogging streak over the past month. Work’s been really insane. I’m happy, though, that I chose to stay in on a Saturday night and I finally had the chance to blog and catch up on series. Lol! About to start with Stranger Things! It’s past midnight and my friends told me not to watch it at this hour. Let’s see! Hahaha!

Here’s what I wore to the MAS! by Style Origins fashion show at UP Town Center, by the way. These chromes, yet again. 

On me: black cropped top from Nava | leather motorcycle jacket from H&M | Mango high waist shorts | Adidas Superstars | sling bag courtesy of SM Accessories

The rainy days are back! Glad the season permits us to wear leather jackets (or layers) now without getting irritated with heat and sweat! However, this weather is too relaxing, it hinders my productivity. I’d rather bury myself in sheets, drink hot coffee, and binge watch series and movies. Oh, and I almost forgot - when the rain goes hard, I can’t take outdoor OOTDs. Pretty tough to compete with the nature! #priorities #bloggerproblems

Photos by Deo Montuerto

Anyway, I’ve yet to start with the first episode of Stranger Things! That’s it for now. Tweet me (@arnsvillanueva) if you want to say hi or ask a few questions! You can be as random as ever. I’d be glad to pause the series and answer you guys. ♥