Maybelline's V-Face Contour by Face Studio

Even if I only know the basic how-to’s, I feel overjoyed whenever I receive makeup loots! My friends know how delicate I am with the products I use for my face, so I make sure that whatever I apply won’t harm my skin. Maybelline’s one of my most trusted brands, and they’re unstoppable from bringing us the best makeup lines at affordable rates!

I’m trying to master the art of contouring, no matter how daunting this could be. Good thing Maybelline recently released the V-Face Contour by FACE STUDIO! It’s their very first contouring line, ready to help us achieve that slimmer, perfect V-shaped face and sharper nose.

Maybelline’s V-Face Contour by FACE STUDIO will help accentuate our facial features in a quick and easy way. Aside from achieving this in just a few steps, what I love about this line is that you can wear this look everyday without looking too overly made up! Exactly how I like it! :)

Totally love this makeup loot! Maybelline has the best surprises!

V-Face Duo Stick (Php499.00)
Available in Light, Medium and Dark

V-Face Duo Powder (Php499.00)
Available in Light, Medium and Dark

Use these products to contour and highlight for precise contouring and radiant finish. How?

(1) CONTOUR - Apply dark shade along hairline, hollows of cheeks, jawline, side along jawline and sides of nose bridge

(2) HIGHLIGHT - Apply highlights along the high points of your face, blend with fingertips

For better results, use the V-Face Powder to set.

V-Face Duo Blush Contour (Php399.00) 
Available in Wine, Red, Pink, Peach and Brown

Use this to blush and contour for a rosy finish. How?

(1) CONTOUR - Blend dark shade along hairline, hollows of cheeks, jawline, and sides of nose bridge

(2) BLUSH - Apply blush along cheekbones to add rosiness to your skin

(3) HIGHLIGHT - Add a rosy glow by patting on the lightest shade on the high points of your cheek

Looking forward to share with you my next look featuring this product line! ❤ Whether you’re into contouring for a daytime look or a fierce, glammed makeup for a night out, Maybelline’s V-Face Contour by Face Studio is perfect to use for any look you want!

Win special prizes from Maybelline!

Join the challenge and show us your instant sharper nose and slimmer, selfie-ready face by uploading your instant transformation on Instagram! Don’t forget to set your profiles on public and add the hashtags: #EasyContouring #InstantSharperNose to win special prizes from Maybelline!

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