Quench Your Thirst with Locally

Ever heard of the first quirky Filipino juice line called Locally? They have four natural homegrown fruit flavors that fit the unique and fun characters of Pinoys. :)

I’ve been seeing some Locally bottles in convenience stores and groceries for months already but it was only a few weeks back when I finally got to taste them! Deo and I felt so excited to open the Locally Juice Kit we received! #ProudlyPinoy

Our favorites: Mangosteenie Miney Mo and You’ve Dalandan It Again! Witty flavor names, huh! And because of that, Deo and I couldn’t stop exchanging cheesy puns that resonate with Locally. :p

Arnie: Deo, you’re amazing #JuiceTheWayYouAre
Deo: No regrets, juice love.
Arnie: Wow so witty naman! Juice kidding!

The drinks were too good, we just won’t stop. Hahahaha! Save us, please.

You've Dalandan It Again

Kamias You Are

Mangosteenie Miney Mo

Tamarind My Bell

Now, which one's your favorite? :)

Aside from Locally’s delicious taste, all that fresh goodness is enclosed in an eco-friendly glass bottle!

Our friends Bert and Tinong mimicking #ArNeo (cute niyo please! We love you guys!) Even our colleagues love Locally, too!

Make sure to drink your pick chilled for maximum satisfaction! 

Photos by Jez Borlagdan
The bomb as always, bb! Thanks for taking these lit photos!

Try out Locally if you still haven’t! Every support you give for the brand will make all the hard working Filipino farmers behind each bottle really happy. 

Locally is available at 711, Bo's Coffee, Rustan's Supermarket and Waltermart.

Follow them on their social media accounts for updates:

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