Enough Said With Mi-Pac

The bags you wear reveal so much about your personality. Whether you’re into classy totes or quirky slings, your choice is somewhat an indication of your individuality. It doesn’t always have to be dependent on the bag color. Mi-Pac can help show your creative side with their fun collections!

Deo and I recently attended Mi-Pac’s artsy event at Bratpack UP Town Center. We had fun walking around the branch and having our own Mi-Pac bags customized with patches! More about that in a few!

Born in the summer of 2012, Mi-Pac is an up-and-coming British label with proud roots. They have more than 300 design variations that are available in over 20 countries across 4 continents. This only shows that creativity is at the heart of everything Mi-Pac embodies.

Mi-Pac makes sure that their releases fit the following:
Value for money | Fashion-forward designs | Quality construction

The brand always considers to hold great value to individuality and freedom of expression. My unicorn and ice cream patches can attest to that! :p

Work in progress! Deo’s bag was simple, straight-forward but slayer, just like him in real life. YAS!

I’ll share with you mine in a separate blog post so stay tuned! My Mi-Pac bag deserves its own OOTD! <3

Fashion + function - Mi-Pac lives by these! Unsure about your personal style? Check out Mi-Pac’s releases and you suddenly might figure that out!

Huge love to my Primer Group of Companies family (+ my twin Yna) for having us!

Visit Mi-Pac at select Bratpack and Lady Bag Stores. Follow them on Facebook or check out these social media handles and hashtags: 
@mipacphilippines #EnoughSaidWithMiPac #MIPACph

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