Take A Breather

Sometimes, all you really need is a break. When you feel heavy and drained, walk outside, listen to your feel good jams, eat your favorite dessert, go on a vacation, rest for hours, or be with the person who can ease all your stress away. Those can do magic. ❤

The retrograde’s been tough on me lately and it’s very tiring. More challenging days at work, health issues of my abuelo, and some personal issues that led to subtle existential crisis. I just wanted to escape from everything. So the recent trip I had with the Get Hooked 360 family at Tagaytay Highlands was on perfect timing. It was the air I longed for.

On me: romper from Poshmark Boutique | Adidas Superstars | sunnies courtesy of Vogue Shoppe

3 days off from reality and it was refreshing. That weekend made me rethink of the reasons why I’m striving hard everyday and why I shouldn’t quit the journey. I was reminded of the importance of having something significant to do and why we should have a positive vision of the future, even during the difficult times.

We only live by looking into the future. We all have rivers to cross, and the streams are not always calm. So how do you plan to reach the other end?

Two things: You can be brave and swim through the raging river, or to look for/create a rope so you have something to hold on to. Up to you. Both are tough and risky. But how else can you reach the other end without taking a leap of faith?

Anyway, one peaceful afternoon, we got to see the whole of Highlands’ beauty when we rode the cable car. I just sat quietly, felt so sentimental and hoped Deo was there to enjoy the activities and view with us. The beast had commitments and dance training, perfectly understandable because we’ll all be so proud of him on A Team’s upcoming concert and competition at LA in the coming weeks!

But lo and behold, just when I’m about to sulk under the stars before our dinner at Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse, Deo was there and he surprised me. Paano. Deo and his ways. Unbelievable. HUHUHUHUHUHU TRIP’S COMPLETE! ❤ 

The burrito's finally on Instagram, by the way! Follow him at @deomontuerto!

More about this sweet night and our activities at Tagaytay Highlands in my next blog post!

To wrap it up, I hope you guys know how important it is to take a breather. Hardships are inevitable. Life's never easy. But in order to keep going, do something that will make your heart happy.

I'll never forget my favorite line from one of the poems we've memorized back in high school for officers' training - "When care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but don't you quit."

Photos by Jez Borlagdan
SML for these shots! Thanks bb!

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