Slasher Generation

These days, it’s almost impossible for millenials to be doing just one thing. They say we live in a “slasher” generation; in my case, I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger slash digital marketing manager slash a 23-year-old living in the moment (hahaha). Deo, on the other hand, is a dance floor beast (my A Team champ) slash athlete slash copywriter slash soon-to-be blogger (not to preempt anything, haha).

On me: black cropped top from Nava | black middle-buttoned skirt from Wellworth (available at UP Town Center) | GO Step shoes courtesy of Skechers

On Deo: top courtesy of Skechers | black windbreaker jacket | joggers | Dual Lite Equalizer 2.0 courtesy of Skechers | aviators courtesy of Sunnies Studios

To keep up with the growing demands in and out of work, it’s important to always have a go-to footwear that is as versatile as we are. The brand that’s ready to move with us anytime, anywhere is no other than Skechers.

Those who are looking for trendy and comfy shoes can easily hop into a pair of Skechers GO Step. It’s actually my favorite among the new ones! :)

The GO Step’s characteristic slim and sleek design makes it great to wear with jeans, shorts, skirts, and even dresses. It comes in lace-up, slip-on, and mary jane designs.

My pick! ❤ Super lightweight! Felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on my feet the whole day.

Not an athlete nor as active as Deo (haha) but I love that my GO Step’s equipped with the GO Walk 3’s midsole and outsole, specifically created for athletic walking. They feature GO Pillars technology which absorbs shock and supports arches.

Now time for my main man’s snobshots! How do you do it, Deo!!! How do you keep slaying!!! ❤ 

Deo's schedule is i n s a n e. I really had to bold it for emphasis. Like 24 hours or 7 days aren't enough to finish all that he has to do for training, work and errands. Life with Deo's like that, but he never made me feel like I'm chasing his time (stop with the cheese Arns, hahaha).

For people like him who juggle many things at once, choosing the right pair for every task or activity doesn't have to be complicated - unless you're battling on which color or style to pick. But whatever you do, there's surely a Skechers pair made for you.

Keeping flexibility and style on point with Skechers’ Equalizer 2.0! Its breathable knit-mesh upper and lining offer a great in-shoe feel. This flexible pair also features air cooled memory foam insole and dual-density Dual-Lite midsole.

You can always holla with Deo on Twitter and Instagram if you have questions about this pair from Skechers (or about dancing, writing skill$, his point of view on anything under the sun lol). This dapper would gladly answer them all! :p

Photos by Jez Borlagdan
Mad love for ya, bb!!! Thank you, Jez!

We're ready to move in style with our illest pairs from Skechers! For updates, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@SkechersPH).

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