Reasons to Love Pink Parlour's Brazilian Waxing Treatment

I’ll only trust one waxing salon for my brazilian sessions and it’s always going to be Pink Parlour. Just putting it out there! :)

Before leaving for another getaway last week, I had another brazilian waxing session at Pink Parlour and the experience was pleasant, as usual. Here are 3 reasons why I love Pink Parlour!

Great for people with low pain tolerance.
Yuppp! Someone who sobs with the smallest boo-boo (ahem!) can attest to this. With Pink Parlour, you know you’re safe. Never had any bikini irritations nor burns.

Pink Parlour’s premiere brazilian wax treatment has already earned various awards. They take pride in maintaining their reputation of having “zero give-ups” for more than 5 years.

Get hair-free intimate area in less than 20 minutes. 
That fast! Worried you might have no time for this? You can visit your nearest Pink Parlour branch and have your much-needed waxing session in less than 20 minutes!

World-class hygiene standards 
At Pink Parlour, we’re assured that we receive the safest waxing treatment possible: 

✓ FDA-approved sanitization
✓ Monthly anti-bacterial fogging 
✓ Hospital grade sanitizers that kill 99.99% germs and viruses 
✓ Therapists’ disposable face masks and gloves 
✓ Fresh laundry 
✓ No redipping of spatulas (one of the main reasons why I’d never have brazilian wax elsewhere) 
✓ Sterilization of equipment

Say goodbye to bumps and ingrown hair! Pink Parlour’s Bump Freedom Lotion is also one of my summer partners! How to use? 

Use PRIOR to hair removal to ease and reduce the discomfort from treatment. 
Use AFTER hair removal to retard hair growth. 

Huge love and thanks to my Pink Parlour family for always taking care of me and my intimates!

Pamper yourself and book an appointment now! 

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Visit Pink Parlour’s website and Facebook Page for more details.

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