Getting Intimate with Barbizon

This is probably one of the most revealing OOTDs I’ll post here, bless up! Hahaha! Really, how can you not share this pair of intimates from Barbizon?

Corset bra courtesy of Barbizon (available in leading department stores nationwide and their website)

Hoping you girls know the importance of pretty undies. Some might say, “no one’s gonna see it, so what’s the point?” Well, keep in mind that it’s never about him or others. It should always be about you. ;) And what if (knock on wood) an emergency happens and, example, the nurses/doctors need to undress you and you’re wearing the worst underwear? You wouldn’t want to be remembered with your “bacon strips” lol

With that, your go-to shopping place for intimates should be Barbizon. Whether you want something sweet, cute or sexy, their collections' got you covered with the best quality! Comfort + durability + reasonable price range = win!

Might blog a few more lingeries from Barbizon so stay tuned! ;)

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