Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa for Paradise IMF (Philippines)

Too thrilled for Paradise IMF! Really, who isn’t excited for this fest? ♥ My everyday playlist’s already filled with jams from the line-up!

It’s official: the Paradise International Music Fest is gearing up for their first-ever music spectacle in Manila by bringing in one of the most influential names in the international music industry.

The one day fest will happen on April 9, 2016 at the Aseana Open Grounds, ParaƱaque City and is produced by the experienced Boardworks Media Entertainment.

Paradise will surely be a unique experience for all local and foreign festival goers as Kanye West (AHHHHH MY LOVE) will be the main headliner. Astoundingly, this will be the first time the recording artist, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer will perform in the Philippines. Confirmed also to perform are Austin Mahone, Rudimental and DJ AfroJack. Too much love for this one helluva night!

Nope, that’s not all! Following a surprise announcement, North Dakota rapper Wiz Khalifa is on deck to join Kanye West at Paradise!


It has not been quite long since the very public Twitter war between Kanye and Wiz broke out a few months back. The Twitter war began when Wiz tweeted shades against Yeezy (producer changed his album name from SWISH to WAVES). Things eventually blew to bigger proportions as when the artist started tweeting with regards to personal issues.

It was only until the end of January where the said artists had a ceasefire. Kanye deleted his negative tweets regarding Wiz, and said, “I’ma take these down ‘cause it’s all about positive energy.”

Can’t wait to see this positive energy at Paradise IMF! This is noted to be the first performance of the two after the ceasefire! ;)

See you there?

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