It's Okay

Have you ever felt so lost in life that you have zero idea on where you’re going? That’s Arnie right now, in the middle of her existential crisis. Over the past months, my mind’s filled with fears and questions and I've have no clue on how to address them. Because really, how do you find yourself?

Most of you probably didn’t know that my 2016 started with a break-up. I know, what a messy way to begin the year! Of course, it was painful beyond belief because what we had was amazingly beautiful. No doubt. This blog (and you guys) can attest to that. But maybe it was what we needed. Maybe stars are meant to dull to give way for a rising sun.

On me: dress (no label on the package, if you’re the online brand who sent this, please please message me so I can give credit!) ♥♥♥ | flats courtesy of SM Parisian x Nadine Lustre

Lost but happy. How’s that even possible? I don’t know where I am, and where I’m going, but it feels like this is really where I should be right now.

I’m in my early 20s, I’ve goals and dreams to chase. But for now, it’s perfectly okay not to have it all figured out. It’s okay to be completely confused and unsure of the future.

To those with wandering souls, you’re going to learn new things, discover new passions, meet new people and travel to new places. Enjoy each moment. All these will give you a new perspective into who you really are and what you deeply desire.

Kakayanin mo yan. Like always. :)

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